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9 de December de 2016

To whom are EducaciónDocente’s courses addressed?

EducaciónDocente courses are aimed at all professionals dedicated to the world of education, whether teachers,educators, psychologists, social workers, students and other professionals interested in expanding their knowledge and want to grow personally and professionally.

“It’s important that these professionals are formed continuously to ensure its students a current, comprehensive and crosstraining to prepare them to face a changing future, offering not only knowledge but also skills.”


What types of courses are offered?

We offer courses on different subjects. There are courses related to attention to diversity, such as aggressive behavior management in the classroom or emotional Education; focused on the stage of primary education, working mentoring; competence, such as competition Develop learning to learn in the classroom or teacher training; without forgetting the courses focused on developing digital teaching competence, such as digital tools as digital gradebook introduction. In the course of digital tools to create and manage a blog, a wiki and a digital portfolio work, and the course digital gradebook introduction all information is available to make the most out of this tool created by Additio App.


What is your educational philosophy and methodology?

We want that teachers formed with us, carry as many experiences as they can so that can apply all of them to their classrooms. Forums are a great tool for sharing this knowledge.addition, a large number of resources and materials the students of the courses need to create are directly applicable in their educational practice.

All our courses are online and working through a Moodle. This may seem inconvenient because there is no direct contact with the tutor or with other teachers, but with this way of working students have more freedom and can do so at their own pace. Also, they have more time to devote to other things.

During the course continuous assessment with activities, it is autoevaluation exchange of opinion forums and a satisfaction survey, very important to us as it helps us to continue improving every day.


One of the highlights values EducaciónDocente is that the team founders, it has been teaching. How do you evaluate the level of training of teachers in using ICT tools?

Training in the use of ICT tools teachers is individually. Each teacher does because he is interested and wants to bring this world to their students. This provokes that many digital resources or tools that we can be offer become lost.

Promote the achievement of digital competence of teachers makes these come closer to these tools and to make the most. If education professionals working with ICT tools in the classroom, students become familiar with its use. This is a very important aspect because the society in which we live is becoming more technological.


What teachers needs do you identify and what new training proposals request?

We’ve found that there is a huge need for training and diversity. Students are keen to continue training in different ICT tools such as different applications focused on education and robotics. But also want more courses focused on the person, and emotional education, different ways of working with students or the different needs they may have.


How do you work the new profiles of digital skills?

Teachers develop their digital competition means that it exist an increase of the educational use of technology in the teaching-learning process and thus also get students achieve this competence. For that reason and because new technologies are present in many aspects of our daily lives and increasingly in our pupils, it is very important form in this aspect.

With our courses, application of the ICT tools in the classroom is easier because all that is required is directly applicable to educational practice in the classroom. An example of this is when you are asked to create a blog that teachers can continuously working in the classroom with students, if he haven’t done it yet, or when working with the use of rubrics on Additio App to assess students .

“We must work hard to reach much of the teaching digital literacy, understand the use of ICT tools and to ensure that these tools are a facilitator of education for our students.”
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