All-in-one management solution for schools

Additio for Schools is a all-in-one school management platform that unifies academic, administrative and economic management.
All-in-one management solution for schools
Educational software that meets all the needs of private schools
All-in-one solution, in one platform
More than 150 features
Easy to use, flexible and powerful
Secure and strict on privacy
Discover the main features of Additio App for private schools, foundations and school networks.
All the information about the school,</br> in a single place
Integral management of the school
All the information about the school,
in a single place
Base groups, teachers and students
Roles for tutors, coordinators...
Shared data at school level
Academic records and history
Unify all academic management,</br> in a single solution
Assessment and academic planning
Unify all academic management,
in a single solution
Digital assessment notebook
Lesson and content planner
Transversal evaluation by skills
Formative assessment tools
Powerful automatic reports,</br> easily shareable and customisable
Report cards and learning analytics
Powerful automatic reports,
easily shareable and customisable
Report card generator
Attendance, incidents and follow-up
Statistics by stage and group
Filters by groups, students and dates
Connecting teachers, families and students in a safe and private way
School communication
Connecting teachers, families and students in a safe and private way
Individual and group messages
Virtual learning environment
Visualisation of academic progress
Email marketing tool
Simplify invoicing and accounting by automating all processes.
Economic management
Simplify invoicing and accounting by automating all processes.
Invoices of all types and rates
Automatic accounting and taxes
Opportunity management and CRM
Real-time inventory control
A simple and efficient solution for the entire administration of the school.
Administrative management and human resources
A simple and efficient solution for the entire administration of the school.
Time attendance, payroll and holiday management
Management of tutorials and appointments
Recruitment and job offers
Project and meeting management
Simplify online enrolment processes
School enrolments
Simplify online enrolment processes
Choose fields, phases and number of places
Control registrations and acceptances
Automate the enrolment process
Create an enrolment portal
Get to know our integrated platform for school, administrative and economic management.
A single platform for all the needs of schools.
Additio App is flexible and adapts to schools, institutes, academies, nursery schools, training cycles...
Pre-school and primary
Secondary and training cycles
Language academies
We help you with the migration of data from other educational platforms.
Quick and easy migration
We help you with the migration of data from other educational platforms.
Academic records
Invoices, budgets and receipts
Attendance and behaviour records
Official documentation
Student and family data
Reports and follow-ups


Additio App allows massive import of data from other platforms and learning environments.

Customise the application for families and students with the image of your institution.
Customisable solution
Customise the application for families and students with the image of your institution.

It offers a customised solution with the corporate image of your educational institution.

Trusted by schools and governments around the world

Discover real stories of how Additio App has transformed academic management and communication in schools around the world.

Centres Sant Francesc d'Assís
Gobierno de Cantabria
NWS Government
Región de Murcia
Renfrewshire Council
Hendrix College
Smart Foundation Station
Universidad de Granada
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Additio App for private schools

Check out the most frequently asked questions about Additio App for public schools and school networks. For more information about our plans, click here.

What features does the platform cover?

Additio App’s school management platform covers all the needs of an educational institution, in a single platform.


-Academic and educational management: evaluations, attendance, academic monitoring, activities, LMS, reports, report cards…


-School planning: contents, didactic units, class planner, timetables, educational resources…


-School communication: individual and group chats, communication channels, sending of activities, sharing of academic progress, email marketing, videoconferencing…


-Administration and human resources: enrolments, recruitment, timetable generator with AI, job offers, payroll, holidays, timetable control, tutoring management, inventory…


-Economic and financial management: invoicing, accounting, remittances, tariffs, CRM, payments, taxes, subscriptions…


More than 150 features to cover the entire school management, in a single solution.

Are there accounts for the different roles in the centre?

Yes, Additio App’s school management platform allows you to create different types of accounts with customised roles for:


-Accounts for teachers: for evaluation, class monitoring and academic planning.


-Accounts for tutors and coordinators: monitoring academic progress, managing school timetables, organising content and assessments…


-Accounts for management: displaying academic reports and cross-school information


-Accounts for students: carry out activities, co-evaluate, self-evaluate, visualise educational content, share information with teachers…


-Family accounts: view academic progress, receive notifications, view attendance, sign authorisations, make payments…


-Accounts for the secretary: organising students and teachers, enrolment, extracurricular activities, canteen, academic formalities…


-Accounts for administration: accounting and finance, invoicing, inventory…


And other roles customised according to the needs of each educational project.

What advantages does Additio App have over other platforms?

Additio App is a new generation school management platform. Its main advantages over traditional management platforms are:


-Modern and user-friendly user interface


-Comprehensive all-in-one solution with more than 150 functionalities


-Constant improvements and upgrades to the platform


-Integration with leading LMS (Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, Moodle)


-Support team offering personalised attention to schools


-Best value for money on the market


-Unique and innovative products: AI timetable generator, customisable report card builder, collaborative educational resource bank, etc…


Additio App is part of the Sdui Group, the leading educational technology group in Europe, with the most advanced and innovative solutions on the market.

Does it adapt to any educational project?

Yes, the Additio App school management platform is flexible and adapts to any type of educational project.


It fits in with any educational stage thanks to the multiple assessment instruments and the capacity to create personalised structures: nursery, primary, secondary, baccalaureate, vocational training, universities, academies…


It allows the competency and curricular framework to be adapted to any type of teaching. Teaching by subjects, by projects, by competences…


It is available in 8 languages and is used by more than 3,000 centres in 90 countries around the world.


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