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Additio for Schools
Platform for educational centers. It includes accounts for administrators, teachers, families and students.
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2 out of 3 educational centers use Additio App in their classes

“We liked Additio App instantaneity, speed and simplicity to configure it and start it up. It is fulfilling its function and we are very happy.”


Sagrario – Management team
CRA Valle del Quípar (Murcia)

“Additio App has allowed us to go faster in all the evaluation and monitoring tasks of our students. We are very satisfied with the platform”


José Manuel – Management team
Colegio Santo Ángel (Badajoz)

“We chose Additio App for its simple interface, the possibility of using it on multiple platforms (Android, iOS, web browser) and the quality of its tutorials. It has allowed us to make records very quickly, making clearer and faster annotations”


Sagrario – Management team
CEIP Palmerar (Castellón)

“Additio App allows us a much more comfortable, fast and efficient evaluation since with the tablet, mobile and even computer, we can enter the grades and thus very easily obtain the weighted and final grades of each student.”


Sagrario – Management team
Colegio Santa Maria de los Ángeles (Málaga)

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Frequently asked questions about plans

Check the most frequently asked questions about Additio App plans. If you have further questions, contact us.

What kind of plans for centers does Additio App have?

Additio App plan for schools is the Additio for Schools plan, which includes accounts for teachers, management, families, students and administrative staff.


What does the plan for centers include?

The plan for centers includes the platform with centralized information, collaborative academic management between teachers, the tool for creating online activities, learning analytics, the learning environment, the rubrics, the competency evaluation, center reports (newsletters, assistance, incidents, competitions…), the communication platform with families and students and the billing, accounting, inventory and payroll software (optional).

Does it include training?

The plan for centers includes three support sessions.

In these sessions, the entire center team is trained and the Additio App platform is prepared, in addition to resolving any doubts that may arise during the process.

Can additional training be contracted?

Yes, more customized training can be contracted if the center wishes. More information here.

Is it suitable for all types of educational projects?

Yes, the Additio App platform adapts to all types of educational centers.

Early childhood education, primary, secondary, training cycles, universities, language academies, professional training, etc…

Whatever your educational project, Additio App fits with it!

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