Simplify communication between families, students and teachers

Additio App allows effective communication, in real time and from a secure and private environment.
Simplify communication between families, students and teachers
An application that allows you to connect the entire educational community
Share attendance and the academic process
Collaborative learning environment
Management of payments and resource submission
Secure and strict environment with privacy
Discover the main functionalities of the best family communication platform
Unidirectional and bidirectional communications
Stories and chats
Unidirectional and bidirectional communications
Institutional communications
Individual and group chats
History and reading confirmation
Control of all communications
Request payments to parents</br> for excursions, materials...
Payment management
Request payments to parents
for excursions, materials...
Online payment from the mobile
Control of unpaid
Configuration of payments
Direct connection with the bank
Share all kinds of resources</br> with families and students
Learning environment
Share all kinds of resources
with families and students
Documents, photographs, videos
Circulars, events, voice messages
Meetings and internal communication
Sending activities and corrections
Share academic development </br>and attendance in real time
Attendance and academic process
Share academic development
and attendance in real time
Progress of grades and competencies
Observations and incidents
Attendance report
History of attendance
Create internal communication groups between teachers
Internal communication
Create internal communication groups between teachers
Documents, photographs, videos
Circulars, events, voice messages
Meetings and internal communication
Activities, corrections, rubrics...
Create custom forms and authorizations to share with families and students
Forms and authorizations
Create custom forms and authorizations to share with families and students
Control of all answers
With possibility digital signature
Different types of questions
Send to families and students
Trusted by schools and governments around the world

Learn about real stories of how Additio App has transformed academic management and communication in schools around the world.

Hendrix College
Mirasur School
Región de Murcia
NSW Government
Cumbres Semper Altius
Itinere Red Educativa
Escola Sant Sadurní
Sir Thomas Malory
Smart Foundation Station
Colegio Santa Gema Galgani
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School communication platform

Check the most frequently asked questions about Additio for schools. If you want more information about our plans, click here.

Why is a family communication app necessary?

Families and school share the common objective based on the development and improvement of the academic stage of the students, it is scientifically proven that the improvement of the involvement of families in learning has an impact on better academic results of the students.


In the world communication platforms used by free schools such as WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook do not guarantee the privacy of student data, so an application that complies with data privacy regulations is essential, and helps teachers, students , families and the whole school in general to communicate better and save time.

What are the main functionalities and benefits of communication software with families?

-Have multiple options for sending messages, unidirectional, bidirectional, with the possibility of creating and managing group chats.
-Monitoring of academic progress: families and students have on their mobile device the progress of grades, competitions, curricular planning and monitoring of activities.
-Management of tutorials to avoid endless email threads.
-Payment management: request or make payments easily and simply from your mobile
-Receipt of resources: families and students can receive educational resources sent by teachers to develop their skills and knowledge.
-Monitoring of attendance: check the record and history of attendance from your mobile, justify absences with possibilities for teachers, tutors, secretaries and heads of study.


A communication platform manages to put students, families and teachers on the same page, on any device.

What types of messages and communications can you send?

If you are an administrator with a school plan, you can send messages to all groups in the school and to the entire community in the district or region in addition to the basic types of messages.


From one-way messages to two-way messages always controlled by the school and with the ability to create and organize individual and group chats.


In Additio App there are all the advanced possibilities of general communication tools such as read confirmation, sending voice messages, photographs, resources, emojis, push notifications and a long list of communication options so that families and students are more connected with the school and all the news and developments that occur in it.

How does a student or family sign up to receive messages from a teacher or school?

It’s super simple. Students and families just have to register by creating an account with the email and password they want on the Additio App website and enter the unique code for life to access their information privately and securely.


This process can be done from the web or mobile devices. Once done, they will receive all relevant push notifications and communications. It’s that simple!

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