Focus on teaching. Additio does the rest

Improve and simplify the assessment, classroom management and lesson planning of your classes, saving time in your daily tasks.
Focus on teaching. </br>Additio does the rest
Everything you need to assess, organize and plan your classes
+150 functionalities for your day to day
Web and app. You choose where and when
Integrable with your favorite LMS
All your data in a safe place
Discover the main features of Additio for Teachers
The most powerful and flexible</br> assessment gradebook in the world.
Digital gradebook
The most powerful and flexible assessment gradebook in the world.
Simple and easy to use
Class and activity planning
Management of all your daily tasks
Assessment and academic planning
Everything you can imagine</br> with rubrics
Everything you can imagine with rubrics
Linked to competencies
Self-assessment and co-assessment
Share between teachers
More than 10,000 ready-to-use rubrics
Competencies </br>at the center of everything
Competencies at the center of everything
Weightings and reports
Competence assessment targets
Evolution for tutoring and follow-up
Links with activities
Registration, follow-up</br> and control of all students
Attendance and follow-up
Registration, follow-up and control of all students
Incidents and behavior
Tutorship management with reports
Notification to families and students
Attendance follow-up
Plan and create your own content
Design teaching units aligned with the curriculum, linking tasks, skills and evaluation.
Use Additio wherever you want, online and offline

The mobile apps for iOS and Android and the web version allow you to work from any device. Plus, thanks to sync, you can work offline and upload your changes when you’re online.

The perfect complement to your other tools

Easily import and link students, activities and grades from the main learning environments with the main educational applications.

Join the more than 200.000 teachers who already use Additio
Join the more than 200,000 teachers who already use Additio
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