Tool to create online exams and activities

Additio App quizzes allow you to easily create exams and activities to use in your classes.
Tool to create online exams and activities
Discover all the advantages of Additio App quizzes.
Multiple response types
Correction with rubrics
Learning analytics
Sending by email and Edvoice
Link to the gradebook
Comments and observations
Random questions
Projects submissions
Discover the main features of Additio App quizzes
Create activities, quizzes and exams easily
100% customizable
Create activities, quizzes and exams easily
Multiple response types
Add images, video or formulas
Configure the questions and their value
Adaptable to any device
Discover how your students learn through analytics
Learning analytics
Discover how your students learn through analytics
Calculation of the average and individual grade
Count of pending and delivered
Group and individual analysis by question
Control of corrections
Correct formatively with rubrics and observations
Correct formatively with rubrics and observations
Correction with rubrics
Observations and comments
Self-correction in real time
Easily create online activities and tests to use in your classes with the Additio App.
Questions of all kinds, with images, videos, multiple answers... With sending to students and families, analysis of results and corrections in a formative way and much more!
Assess your students with online activities, exams and quizzes.
Sign up and start using them!
Additio App Quizzes

See the most frequently asked questions about the evaluation with Additio App quizzes. If you want more information about our plans, click here.

Can I send the questionnaires?

Yes, the questionnaires and activities can be sent through Edvoice or email to the students, so that they can answer them through their mobile, computer or tablet.

Can I evaluate the questions with rubrics?

Yes, the questions of the Additio App quizzes can be evaluated with rubrics, giving quality feedback to the students and a formative approach

Are they self-corrected?

Yes, you can configure the correct answers for each question and their score, so that the system automatically calculates the score for each student.

In addition, the scores are dumped in the teacher’s gradebook automatically, thus saving time in corrections and management of grades.

Can I share the corrections with students and families?

Yes, all corrections can be shared with students and families, along with comments on the activity.

Can I set a start and delivery date?

Yes, all quizzes allow you to set a start date and an end date. This functionality allows teachers to set the start time of the activity and the deadline to deliver it.

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