Training for schools

Customized training for educational centres, individual or group. We have different modalities to adapt to your needs.
We help you with ge the most out of Additio App and all its functionalities
Customised training
We help you with ge the most out of Additio App and all its functionalities

The Additio App team conducts training upon request. We adapt each training to the needs of the center and the teaching staff.

Online, face-to-face or hybrid
Online, face-to-face or hybrid
We carry out 100% online, hybrid or face-to-face training at your center
Individual or group
Individual or group
We can carry out individual sessions for administrators or group sessions for teachers
We adapt the content to your needs, with personalized sessions
Frequently asked questions about training

Check the most frequently asked questions about Additio App training. If you have more questions, contact us.

Can the formations be customized?

Yes, all the training can be customized according to the content that the center wants to work on.

Can they be in groups?

Yes, the formations can be in groups.

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Ask our specialists in pedagogy and technology about trainings for educational centers.


You can also call us at:

Line 1: (0034) 972183214(Worldwide)

Line 2: (0034) 972132498 (Barcelona)

Line 3: (0033) 175850643 (France)

Exclusive lines for information and questions from schools


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