Recording attendance has never been so easy

Additio App allows you to record, control and monitor the attendance of all students in an easy and simple way.
Recording attendance has never been so easy
Discover all the advantages of Additio’s App attendance system
Different types of attendance values
Record incidents
Attendance reports
Notification to the family
Conversion of incidents
Justification of absences
Attendance count
Percentage of attendance
Discover the main functionalities of Additio’s App attendance
Record everything,</br> quickly and easily
Records and follow-ups
Record everything,
quickly and easily
From the web, tablet or mobile phone
Different types of attendance
Justification of attendance
Recording of incidents and follow-up
View, filter and share all the data with students and families
View, filter and share all the data with students and families
Reports of attendance and incidents
Share with families and students
Automatic count and percentage
Conversion of incidents
Record attendance and write down everything that happens in your classes with Additio App. Sign up for free and start now!
Class attendance

Check the most frequently asked questions about Additio’s App class attendance. If you want more information about our plans, click here.

Can I track attendance in class without Internet connection?

Yes, the Additio App application allows you to track attendance in class from the app version without the need for an Internet connection. You can track attendance in class and then sync the data when you have Internet connection.

Can I justify absences?

Yes, all absences can be justified by leaving the reasons registered on the application.

Can I see the attendance percentage of any student?

Yes, Additio App automatically calculates the attendance percentage of any student.

Can I create different types of attendance?

Yes, Additio App allows you to create custom types of attendance, in addition to those that are already configured by default (Attendance, absence, tardiness, justified absence, justified tardiness and expulsion).

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