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Additio Starter
If you are new in Additio App and want to try
check Unlimited students and groups
check Integration with LMS
check Didactic units and projects
error Synchronization between devices
error Unlimited evaluations
error Unlimited rubrics
error More than 150 functionalities
Additio for Teachers
If you want to use Additio App in your classes without limitations
10,99 €/year
check Unlimited students and groups
check Integration with LMS
check Didactic units and projects
check Synchronization between devices
check Unlimited evaluations
check Unlimited rubrics
check More than 150 functionalities
Additio Starter Additio for Teachers
Unlimited evaluations Up to 4500 evaluations check
Competency assessment Competitions only Competencies and evaluation criteria
Devices 1 3
Synchronization between devices error check
Self/Co assessment Up to 5 self/co assessments check
Unlimited conditional values Up to 3 ranks check
Evaluation by unlimited rubrics Up to 4 rubrics check
Evaluation by work groups error check
Organization in folders error check
Unlimited schedules error check
Evaluation by evaluation criteria error check
Evaluation reports 1 report unlimited
Data export Basic Advanced
Unlimited groups check check
Unlimited students check check
Integration with LMS check check
Unlimited evaluation instruments check check
Didactic units and projects check check
Annotations and tutorial management check check
Customizable class plan check check
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98% of teachers who use Additio App recommend it

“I love the ease of creating rubrics and being able to evaluate with them. But above all I think that the union of different forms when it comes to evaluating/grading (numerical grade, averages, smileys, positives, rubrics…) is a perfect combination”


Primary school teacher

“It must be said that the continuous improvements and the case that is made to the suggestions by the users was one of the reasons that made me choose Additio App.”


Enrique Carretero
Physical education teacher

“The ease of putting a simple numerical grade, and a lot of things happening on top of that grade, is spectacular. With that grade, I can obtain a grade on one or several learning standards, which in turn can be linked to the competencies that they work with, and in this way obtain a percentage and a final grade on both”


Mario Balboa
Primary school teacher

“I have been using Additio App for a long time and I see a lot of potential in this tool in our educational environment. The improvements are constant, and I see that the teacher who is in the classroom has a voice and a vote in all the decisions of the Additio App process”


Roberto Fernández
Physical education teacher

Frequently asked questions about the plans

Check the most frequently asked questions about Additio App plans. If you have more questions, contact us.

What types of plans for teachers does Additio App have?

Additio Starter: is a plan for individual teachers that allows the use of limited functionalities through the web version or on a mobile device. Additio Starter works with a free license system that can be extended with an Additio for Teachers or Additio for Schools subscription if desired.

Additio for Teachers: is the plan for individual teachers that allows you to use all the features without limitations in the web version, and three mobile devices (Apple or Android tablets or smartphones). It has an annual cost of €10.99 with an automatic renewal system.

What is the difference between the Starter and the for Teachers plan?

The Additio Starter plan is designed for users starting from scratch with Additio App, and allows you to see the main features without having to purchase a subscription.

The Starter plan has some limited features, unlike the Additio for Teachers plan which has all the features available without limits.

You can see all the differences between the two plans in the comparison table above.


How do I cancel the subscription?

The cancellation of the subscription can be done at any time.

The steps to follow are different depending on the method you used to subscribe (App Store, Google Play or Web). Here you can see all the steps.

Please note that uninstalling the app does not cancel your subscription.

What happens if I cancel the subscription?

If you cancel a subscription, you will be able to continue using the content for the remainder of the period for which you have paid. The subscription will not be renewed in the next year unless you do not activate the subscription again.

Do you have a mobile app for iPad, iPhone and Android?

Yes, Additio for Teachers is a multiplatform service that allows you to access data both from a computer (via the web) and from iPad and Android tablets as well as Android and iPhone smartphones.

At the moment we do not have a version for Windows Phone although the web version can be used from these devices.

Note: Users with the Starter plan will not have Additio App multidevice

What types of payments are accepted?

You can pay both from the App Stores (App Store and Google Play) and by credit card and PayPal from the web version.

About returns

The user is responsible for managing the renewal. The system allows the user to be autonomous when activating and deactivating the subscription. By default, automatic license renewal is activated. The user can disable it at any time.

Once the payment has been made in the multiple payment options that we offer (Apple Store, Google Play, Stripe,…) we cannot process a return.

Can I download my data whenever I want?

Yes, your data is and will always be yours. You can export it in an Excel format whenever you want, as many times as you need.

If I start with the free version, can I subscribe later?

Yes, at any time you can upgrade your Additio for Teachers subscription to have unlimited access to all Additio App features.

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