Economic and administrative management for educational centers

The Additio App platform allows you to easily manage the accounting, billing, inventories and human resources of any center.
Economic and administrative management for educational centers
A simple and effective platform for the administrative management of your center
Automated billing and collections
Simplify your school's accounting
Management of payroll, vacations and absences
Secure and strict with privacy
Discover the financial management features of Additio App
Automate billing, </br>in an easy and fast way quick
Automate billing,
in an easy and fast way quick
Creation of invoices
More than 40 customizable templates
Automatic calculation of taxes
Reconciliation, reports, budgets...
Save time and gain peace of mind with all accounting processes
Save time and gain peace of mind with all accounting processes
Profit and loss
Seats and daily book
Amortization of assets
Connection with banks
From hiring to vacations, all centralized
From hiring to vacations, all centralized
Payroll, personal income tax, supplements
Coordination of absences
Contracts, leaves and vacations
Time control and reports
Plan, visualize, collaborate and control all projects
Plan, visualize, collaborate and control all projects
Kanban views and Gantt diagrams
Import from Excel, Trello...
Monitoring and project management
Team and tasks per project
Monitor all inventory in real time
Monitor all inventory in real time
Inventory control
Different types of products
Order and ship easily
Connect with online store
Trusted by educational centers and governments around the world

Learn real stories of how Additio App has transformed academic management and communication in centers around the world.

Hendrix College
Mirasur School
Región de Murcia
NSW Government
Cumbres Semper Altius
Itinere Red Educativa
Colegio Santa Gema Galgani
Escola Sant Sadurní
Sir Thomas Malory
Smart Foundation Station
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Administrative and economic management software for schools

Check the most frequently asked questions about Additio App administrative and economic management software for schools. If you want more information about our plans, click here.

What is accounting and billing software?

Running daily business operations in schools involves countless tasks and activities. Each transaction must be carefully recorded in order to analyze the overall performance and make effective trading decisions. For years, such tasks in many educational institutions and learning centers have been carried out manually.


Transactions were recorded on paper and business accounts used to be distributed everywhere. Accounting and financial managers in schools had to perform thousands of calculations every day. And, all of these factors resulted in employee stress, heavy workload, and lack of visibility into the financial and accounting process, which significantly hampered the growth of learning centers and school networks.


Billing and accounting software facilitates decision-making by educational leaders, leading institutions to professional management, saving time and money.

Benefits of having accounting software

Implementing sophisticated accounting systems brings multiple benefits. Without an automated accounting solution, it will be difficult to understand the financial situation of your school. The software provides you with numbers that can help you determine where to cut costs or invest more and better. Plus, with a clear overview of your school’s current financial status, you’ll develop smarter strategies and allocate resources more efficiently, being able to execute projects in a timely manner and avoid poor decisions.

Save your time! Time is the most important thing in a school, being able to dedicate time to students, families and projects… in Additio App we know how complex it is to have quality time for the management team of a school. By processing the accounting manually, valuable time is wasted. On the other hand, the use of accounting software simplifies the entire overall system. This simplification saves the time needed to invest in other sectors.

Importance of having an school-adapted accounting software

Owners of educational institutions have found that managing finances manually does not help them achieve the expected results.
Accounting and billing software offers many features to streamline your business. From basic billing and billing to tax calculations and project management, accounting software is an essential tool for your school’s financial data. It also helps manage clients such as families, suppliers such as catering companies, renovations, supplies, content publishers…, reconcile bank accounts and generate detailed financial reports that help your educational institution or school grow smoothly and continuously. .


Go smart accounting today with Additio App!

Can I manage teachers and other center staff payrolls?

Yes, thank to the administrative and financial management software we offer you can handle payrolls, income tax and other wage supplements of the staff in a centralized way. Also, you can manage staff contracts.

Can I manage holidays and team absences?

Yes, with the software specialized on administrative and financial management you can manage the holidays of your staff, and also coordinating the absences. In addition, you can manage the staff time off or sick leaves.

Can I manage bills, payments and taxes?

Yes, you can automate billing with this software, it contains more than 40 custom templates and the possibility to automatically calculate taxes.

Can I control staff schedules?

Yes, you can control your staff schedules with this software, you can create summary reports too.

Can I find any technical support?

We work with a support team that is ready to answer to any problem you may find. You can contact our team in the contact form, or through the email [email protected]. Beyond, we have a Help Center, where you can find the proper answer to common issues related with Center’s administrative and financial management.

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