Digital gradebook for teachers

Your teacher's gradebook with everything you need, to make an easy and simple evaluation.
Digital gradebook for teachers
Discover the main features of Additio App gradebook
Importing students
Notes and comments
Copy and paste from Excel
Class plan
Magic box
Random student
Self-assess and co-assess
Save up to 6 hours per week in the management and evaluation of your students
Quick and easy import, </br>all the students in one click!
Import of students
Quick and easy import,
all the students in one click!
Import from Excel
Import from Google Classroom
Import from official platforms
Import from other base groups
Competencies at the</br> center of everything
Competencies at the
center of everything
Configure calculations and weights
Share with your classmates
Personalized configuration
Fully adapted to the new LOMLOE
Connect with the main </br>educational applications
Integrations with LMS
Connect with the main
educational applications
Integration with Google Classroom
Integration with Microsoft Teams
Integration with Moodle
Integration with other platforms
Easily record everything</br> that happens in your classes
Notes, events and comments
Easily record everything
that happens in your classes
Registration and management of meetings
Labels and comments
Notes and resources
Follow-up of tutorships
Evaluate with formulas calculated</br> from all kinds
Calculations and formulas
Evaluate with formulas calculated
from all kinds
Arithmetic and weighted mean
Calculated formulas
Sum, counts, minimum, maximum
Percentage calculation
All the resources you need,</br> in one place
All the resources you need,
in one place
Integration with Google Drive
Integration with OneDrive
Images, videos, documents...
Links, presentations, files...
Digitalise all teaching tasks, saving time and improving the whole assessment process.
Formative and skills assessment with more than 150 features for your day-to-day work, discover them!
Assess your students and manage your classes in a single tool. Switch to Additio App digital gradebook!
Additio App gradebook

Check the most frequently asked questions about Additio App gradebook. If you want more information about our plans, click here.

What is a digital gradebook?

The digital gradebook is a tool for teachers that facilitates all their daily tasks, from the assessment and monitoring of students, to scheduling classes and recording attendance, among many other features.

What are the advantages of using it?

The main advantages of using a digital gradebook are the saving of time in the evaluations, the automation of all daily tasks and the facilities to carry out academic planning.

In addition, all the data is in a safe and private place, and you can access it from any device, through the web or app, online or offline.

What functionalities does it have?

The main functionalities of Additio App digital gradebook are related to assessment, school planning and programming, and communication.

Can I use it from the web and app?

Yes, you will always have the digital gradebook available through a web browser or from our applications for Android and iOS.

Can I import and export Excel data?

Yes, you can import students and information from an Excel sheet to Additio App gradebook, as well as export Additio App data in spreadsheet format.

Can I do calculations and create my own formulas?

Yes, Additio App gradebook allows you to carry out all kinds of calculations and formulas. Averages, additions, subtractions, multiplications, divisions, percentages, counts and any custom formula you want to create.

Can I create personalized evaluation items?

Yes, Additio App digital notebook allows you to create different personalized evaluation items. Each item can be of a different nature: qualitative, quantitative, with icons, observations…

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