A single platform,
with everything you need

Additio for Schools is a all-in-one solution for schools that allows unifying management, assessment and communication.
A single platform, </br>with everything you need
A school management software that covers all the needs of public schools
Management from a single site
Unifies assessment and communication
Easy to use, flexible and powerful
Secure and strict with privacy
Discover the main features of Additio for Schools for public schools
All the information of the school,</br> in a single place.
Integral management of the school
All the information of the school,
in a single place.
Base groups, teachers and students
Roles for tutors, coordinators...
Shared data at school level
Academic records
It unifies all the academic management, </br>in a single tool.
Assessment and academic planning
It unifies all the academic management,
in a single tool.
Digital assessment notebook
Lesson and content planner
Transversal assessment by skills
Formative assessment tools
Powerful automatic, </br>customizable and shareable reports.
Report cards and learning analytics
Powerful automatic,
customizable and shareable reports.
Report cards generator
Attendance, incidents and follow-up
Statistics by stage and group
Filters by groups, students and dates
Connect teachers, families and students in a safe way.
School communication
Connect teachers, families and students in a safe way.
Individual and group messages
Sending documents and circulars
Assessment visualization
Email marketing tool
Create any type of form and authorization, with the possibility of digital signature
Creator of forms and authorizations
Create any type of form and authorization, with the possibility of digital signature
Different types of questions
Mass export of answers
Send to families and students
With attached documentation
Create school timetables in minutes
School timetable generator with AI
Create school timetables in minutes
Generates schedules automatically
Make changes and adjustments in real time
View timetables by group, teacher or space
Easily resolve conflicts and overlaps
Discover our school management platform
A single platform for school management, formative assessment and communication
Additio App is flexible and adapts to schools, institutes, academies, nurseries, vocational training...
Pre-school and primary
Secondary and training cycles
Language academies
Integrated with the main applications and educational systems.

Work seamlessly with your usual apps, from student import to grades, assignments and resource linking.

Learning environments
Environments of the different Autonomous Communities
Generalitat de Catalunya
Gobierno de Canarias
Gobierno del Principado de Asturias
Junta de Andalucía
Región de Murcia
Junta de Extremadura
Gobierno de Navarra
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Additio for public schools

Check the most frequently asked questions about Additio for schools. If you want more information about our plans, click here.

What is a school management software?

A school management system is a platform that helps automate and optimize the daily academic management, communication and administrative activities of a school or learning center, improving its processes and student performance. In essence, school management software keeps all the data of the educational institution in one place and helps stakeholders make better decisions.

Additio App software contains modules for academic management, attendance and behaviour monitoring, reports and transcripts, communication with families and students, creation of activities and class scheduling, financial management, billing, accounting, CRM, team management , authorizations, schedules, calendar, payment management, shifts, inventory and endless modules to take your school or district to the next level, achieving process improvements and cost savings.

Why does a school need school management or a student information system?

With management software, schools and districts can avoid manual handling operations, eliminate paperwork, reduce the possibility of errors in the process and minimize the monotonous tasks of all departments. By adopting a suitable school management platform or system, the workload of teachers, administrative and managerial staff can be reduced and various tasks can be completed without consuming too much time and effort.

Who uses school software?

An academic management and communication platform is generally used by students, teachers, families, administrative staff, administrators, coordinators, headteachers and the institution’s management team. It reduces the burden of repetitive tasks for the educational community, simplifies communication between all parties, especially the flow of teachers-students-families, and allows access to updated information from anywhere, at any time and on any device.

How to choose a school management software?

Here are some key points to consider when selecting the platform for your school:
-Assesses the need of your school: the requirements of your school or college and evaluates how it can help you achieve your operational and pedagogical objectives.
-Easy to use: ensures that the platform has easy-to-use functionality that is quick to learn, without the need for hours of training or troubleshooting.
-Do not trust the platforms that isolate the teacher and are not friendly to such an important agent for the school.

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