Plan your classes and create your own didactic units

Additio App allows you to design didactic units aligned with the curriculum, linking tasks, skills and evaluation.
Plan your classes and create your own didactic units
Discover all the advantages of Additio App free planner
Lesson planner
Lesson planning creator
Share your programming
Creation of templates
Linking with activities
Linking resources
Curriculum definition
Linking with skills
Alarms and reminders
Discover the main functionalities of Additio App school planning
Plan all your classes, </br>by sessions or didactic units
Lesson planning
Plan all your classes,
by sessions or didactic units
Custom fields
Weekly or unit view
Link activities and evaluation
Copy, export and share
Create, share and use</br> your own didactic units
Creator of didactic units and projects
Create, share and use
your own didactic units
Linking skills
Linking tasks and exercises
Sharing with other teachers
Organise your classes by weeks or didactic units, with an infinite number of options.
Design teaching units and plan your lessons, linking tasks, resources and assessment with the Additio App planner.
Plan your classes and create your own didactic units.
Register for free to Additio App and organize your classes effectively!
Lesson planner

Check out the most frequently asked questions about Additio App lesson planner. If you want more information about our plans, click here.

Can I link activities, evaluation and resources to the planning?

Yes, from the programming you can link activities that you have already created, gradebook assessment and resources that you need to develop the sessions.

Can I export, copy and share my plannings?

Yes, you can export all your plannings in PDF or Excel at any time. You can also copy the schedules and share them with other teachers.

Can I customize the fields of each session?

Yes, you can customize the fields that appear by default in each session (Objectives, resources, activities, monitoring).

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