School management platform for kindergarten

Additio for Schools is the best solution for academic, administrative and communication management in kindergarten centers.
School management platform for kindergarten
Improve the management of kindergarten with Additio App

Simplify the main tasks of kindergarten by offering a platform to meet everyone’s needs.

Teachers can follow up on children and keep track of what’s going on in the kindergarten center: attendance, meals, behavior, sleep hours… Everything you can imagine in one platform.
Families can directly speak with teachers and the center. They also have access to pictures and information related to their little ones.
Admins can manage children and center’s staff in a single platform. They can control data and generate reports too.
Main features for kindergarten in Additio App
Teachers and students management
Teachers and students management
Centralize all your data in a platform and manage your students and teachers easily.
Communication with families
Communication with families
Share activities, pictures and upcoming news with families through a safe and private communication channel.
Class schedules
Class schedules
Now class planning, scheduling and substitutions will be easier for your teachers by working in a collaborative environment.
Take control over attendance, by groups and students, setting notifications and justifying any incident.
Meals and sleep hours tracking
Meals and sleep hours tracking
Follow up on your children's meals and sleep hours, as well as any other feature relevant for families.
Activity tracking
Activity tracking
Records the progress of babies in early stimulation exercises
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Additio App for kindergarten centers

Ask the most frequently asked questions about our educational software for nursery and primary schools. If you want more information about our plans, click here.

Does it comply with educational regulations?

Additio App software for preschool and primary centers complies with the regulations according to academic and pedagogic management, it is also set to be modified against future changes, since it has an open structure. The possibilities and functions of our platform for preschool and primary centers management are as many as you can imagine.

What characteristics does the software offer for preschool and primary centers?

To provide a management platform to automatise teachers tasks and improve processes is key. Thus, Additio App offers you a kit of tools and modules ideal for academic management, students follow up, creation of activities for teachers, communication with families and students, attendance and incidents management, including administrative management too. More than 150 functionalities!

Does Additio App offer technical support?

Our support team will answer any need or doubt you may ask for. You can contact our support team via contact form, or [email protected]. Our Help Center collects answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Are there learning resources for the customers?

We help your center personally for your needs, where we form the whole team for using the platform. Also, you can be an expert practising your skills with the functionalities you will find in our YouTube channel. There are a lot of tutorials that will help you to improve your level in Additio App.

We also have for you our help center with lots of questions that will solve your issues.

Can images be shared with families?

Yes, with Additio App you can easily share images and resources with families, so they can be updated on any activity or behavior of their children. All the communications will be shared in a private and safe environment.

Does it allow keeping track of meals and sleep hours?

Yes, with Additio App you can track any relevant aspect, such as meals or sleep hours, through a quick and simple system, available anytime in the app, for mobile phones or tablets, or in the website version.

Trusted by schools and governments around the world

Learn about real stories of how Additio App has transformed academic management and communication in schools around the world.

Gobierno de Cantabria
Centres Sant Francesc d'Assís
Hendrix College
Región de Murcia
NSW Government
Renfrewshire Council
Universidad de Granada
Escola Sant Sadurní
Institut Ermessenda de Girona
Smart Foundation Station
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