Understanding Additio’s plans (free plan included!)
27 de February de 2023

Do you want to start working with Additio but you do hesitate on which plan fits you better? Keep reading and you’ll find out all our plans, even our Additio free plan. Yes, this is not a mistake, you can use Additio for free!

Additio Starter: Additio’s free plan

If you are an Additio new user, and you want to explore the vast potential of the platform for free, Additio Starter is the perfect plan for you! 

This is a free plan that enables you to try lots of Additio’s features to test beforehand that Additio can work as your best ally in the classroom. 

Additio’s free plan offers you: 

  • Unlimited groups and students
  • Skills assessment
  • Access with 1 device
  • Up to 4.500 assessments
  • 1 assessment report
  • Up to 4 rubrics
  • LMS integration
  • Unlimited assessment tools
  • Didactic units and projects
  • And even more possibilities!

Now you know, try Additio for free and confirm everything this platform can do for you. Also, if you test it and you like it, you can change to Additio for Teachers plan, all your data will be safely saved, you won’t lose any data at all! 

Additio for Teachers: all you need to know about Additio, no limits

If you like Additio and you want to have access to all the features of the platform with no limits, Additio for Teachers is your plan. 

10,99€ a year and you can access every single feature for teachers, no limits. 

Additio for Teachers offers you:

  • Unlimited groups and students
  • Skills and evaluation criteria assessment
  • Access with 3 devices and synchronization
  • Unlimited assessments
  • Unlimited assessment reports
  • Unlimited rubrics
  • LMS integration
  • Unlimited assessment tools
  • Didactic units and projects
  • Advanced data export
  • Assessment by workgroups
  • Organization on folders
  • And even more possibilities!

Additio for Schools: plan for centers

If you are several users of the same center, you can work with Additio for Schools, an exclusive plan for centers, with unique functionalities.

Additio for Schools offers you a centralized management of the center. You can access all the features of the other plans and more, as you can enjoy these exclusive features for centers: 

  • Creation of multiple center’s reports
  • Possibility to share groups and data
  • Communication platform with students and families (Edvoice)
  • Payments
  • Forms and authorisations
  • Report cards
  • And even more possibilities!

If you think this can work for you, you can write to us and we’ll design a custom proposal.

Did you already know Additio’s free plan? Which plan is the one for you? 

Now you know the plans you can work with in Additio, it ‘s time to choose the one for you! If you need more information, please check our website

We’re waiting for you in Additio!

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