Apps recommended by Google #withClassroom
6 de March de 2018

We are very happy to share that Google for Education has shared the resources and applications they recommend to work with Google Classroom and GSuite on their Classroom Partners page, and … Additio App is one of the selected worldwide as a school management application !



Since we integrate with GSuite and Google Classroom school centers and teachers from around the world that are joining the digital transformation are adding the potential of pedagogical methods that enables Additio App and Edvoice. Maximize the potential of Additio App with the endless evaluation activities, such as self-assessment and peer assessment with rubrics, standards-based gradebook, icons … creation of reports cards, lesson planner and much more with Google innovation.


The evolution and depth of the integration has been possible thanks to the feedback of a large number of teachers and the Google Educator Groups (GEGs) with their suggestions, explanation of how they are using Google + Additio App + Edvoice applied in real life, in the classroom with your students and their great capacity to develop skills and awesome content.

Thank you very much to all of you #SuperTeachers !!!

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