How to use Additio App to manage summer camps
19 de March de 2024

With the arrival of good weather comes one of the main concerns for families: Where can I leave my children for summer camps? But it also brings a concern for the centres that offer summer camps: How can I easily organise the centre’s camps? In the post we bring you this week, we give you tips on how to use Additio App to manage summer camps because yes, with this platform, you can forget about the headaches of camps 😉

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Advantages of using Additio App to manage summer camps

If you already use Additio App in your centre, or are considering using this platform, consider these advantages when managing summer camps:

  1. Having Additio App as a platform for economic, academic, and school management helps centralise all the necessary information to manage the day-to-day of the camps offered in the centre. With a single comprehensive platform like Additio App, you’ll have everything from student information to communication with families, attendance tracking, activity scheduling, payment management, etc.
  1. Ease of communication with families: Additio App offers communication functionalities to help the educational centre maintain a constant and bidirectional flow of information with students and families. This allows families to be informed about their children, especially if there are any incidents.
  1. Customizable and adaptable platform: Additio App adapts to the specific needs of the centre when managing summer camps, as it has a high degree of customization. Thus, each centre can tailor it to their own needs, with their types of evaluation, the types of attendance they want, etc.
  1. Access from anywhere and any device: in summer camps, it is common to have excursions, visits outside the centre, trips to the pool or the beach, camps… With Additio App, it’s very easy to keep a record of everything since it can be accessed from anywhere and from any device.
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How to use Additio App to manage summer camps

Here are some ideas and tips on how you can take advantage of Additio App and its functionalities when managing summer camps in your centre. You’ll see how easy and intuitive it is! 😉

  • Facilitate monitoring of attendance for monitors: Thanks to the attendance registration functionality, monitors can quickly track student attendance at the camp. Additionally, families can be automatically notified in case of unexcused absences from the camp. They won’t waste a minute taking attendance, and everyone will be ready to enjoy the day. Plus, if needed, they can generate attendance reports with attendance information throughout the camp.

  • Record essential information about students: Ensure that monitors have all the information they need about students, such as allergies, intolerances, special educational needs… This is especially useful for camps that offer meal services. This is very important, especially in camps that usually last no more than a month, and where there is a lot of student turnover.

  • Schedule activities to be carried out: In each camp group, monitors can indicate the different activities they will carry out. Since it’s a camp, there are usually no quantitative grades, but with Additio App, you have many options for qualitative grades (smiley faces, icons, positives and negatives…), comments, etc. So take advantage of it to maintain a record of behaviour and activities carried out in the camp.

Additionally, you can link the resources and materials needed for each activity to have everything readily available and controlled.

  • Establish a communication flow with families: Thanks to communication functionalities, chats can be established with families regarding any information related to students. General communications can also be made to inform families about excursions, share photos of activities, etc.

  • Another way to take advantage of Additio App for summer camps is the possibility of managing payments. This way, families can make online payments, and the centre can keep a record of payments made. This is especially useful for materials, excursions, camps, etc.

Want more information about the plan that will allow you to manage summer camps in your centre?

If you want us to provide you with a complete demo of the Additio App environment, don’t hesitate to request it at the following link. We will show you how the platform adapts to the centre’s needs and which functionalities will help you most in managing the camps.

See you soon!

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