Plans of Additio App: comparison
15 de September de 2023

Have you decided on Additio App but don’t know exactly which plan is most suitable for your needs? Don’t worry, in this post you will discover what plans we have and which one is the best for your specific case.

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Additio Starter: use Additio App for free

Did you know that Additio App has a free plan? Yes, as you read! Among the Additio plans, with the Additio Starter plan you can use the platform for free, to test it and tinker with its functionalities. You just have to register, without a credit card or anything, because we want you to have absolute freedom to use Additio in your own way.

Additio App’s free plan offers you:

  • Unlimited students and groups
  • Integration with LMS
  • Teaching units and projects
  • Access to Additiopedia, Additio App’s bank of free resources
  • Evaluation by competencies
  • Access with 1 device
  • Up to 4,500 evaluations
  • 1 evaluation report
  • Up to 4 rubrics
  • Unlimited evaluation instruments
  • And more features to discover…

And if you love Additio App and then want to purchase a Additio for Teachers license, you will be able to keep all the data without any problem.

Additio for Teachers: access all the features for teachers

Continuing with the Additio plans, with the Additio for Teachers plan, you will have access to all the features for teachers unlimitedly, for only €10.99 per year.

With this plan, you have:

  • Unlimited groups and students
  • Evaluation by competencies and evaluation criteria
  • Access with 3 devices and synchronization
  • Unlimited evaluations
  • Unlimited evaluation reports
  • Unlimited rubrics
  • Integration with LMS
  • Free access to Additiopedia, the Additio App resource bank
  • Unlimited evaluation instruments
  • Teaching units and projects
  • Advanced data export
  • Evaluation by work groups
  • Organization in folders
  • And more features!

Additio for Schools: ideal for educational centers

If you are several Additio App users in your center, you may be interested in purchasing a center license, since you will be able to access exclusive functionalities and content sharing options (such as group structures, rubrics, curriculum, etc.).

With the Additio for Schools plan, you will have centralized management of the educational center. In addition, you will have access to all the features of the other plans, along with other very interesting features:

  • Creating multiple center reports
  • Ability to share groups and data
  • Communication platform with students and families (Edvoice)
  • Payment management
  • Authorizations and forms
  • Report Cards
  • User roles (administrator, tutor, teacher)
  • Schedule generator add-on module
  • Enrollment module (coming soon)
  • And more features that will surely make it easier for you to manage the center!

What plan do you have?

And you, what Additio App plan do you have? If you have any questions about Additio’s plans, do not hesitate to write to us at [email protected] and a member of the support team will help you resolve it.

Don’t leave without signing up 😉

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