NEW: We already have here the user roles for Centers!
7 de September de 2023

We have worked hard this year to be able to bring you news that you and your centers will surely love. Today is the turn to reveal a surprise: we already have here the user roles for centers! 😉

If you want to know what this novelty consists of for the Additio for Schools licenses, keep reading 👇

What are the user roles for centers?

With user roles for centers, educational centers can define and customize different roles for users who access the platform, being able to grant or deny access to certain functionalities and modules of the center.

By default, centers have 3 roles, but you can customize them and even create new ones. What are these 3 roles that we find by default?

  • Administrator: user who has access to everything and has the ability to create or edit other roles.
  • Tutor: role with access to Base Groups, public Stories and Report Card.
  • Teacher: role with access to attendance and incident records and monitoring of their base groups.

In addition, as we have previously mentioned, new roles can also be created, totally customizing what access they are given. For example, it may be interesting to create a role for an ICT coordinator or for a secretary, or for any other case in which specific accesses not contemplated in the roles that exist by default are required.

To see, edit and create new roles, you have to access the platform for centers, and go to Settings > Roles and teachers > Roles management. Once there, you can edit the ones that already exist, or create a new role with the “+” button that you will find at the bottom right.

The different categories that can be selected for the roles are the following: Base Groups, Teachers, Public Stories, Report Cards, Authorizations, Shared Data, Payments and financial management, and Center’s setup. As you can see, it is fully customizable and adapts to the needs of each center.

What advantages does this news bring?

With this news, centers have it easier than ever to grant certain access to certain people. These are the main advantages provided by the new user roles for centers:

  • Ability to customize existing roles: If you need tutors or teachers to have or not specific access, you can modify it without problem, adapting these two roles to the specific needs of your center.
  • Possibility of creating 100% personalized roles: Do you need the secretariat to access Centers with certain functions? Do you need a hybrid between tutor and teacher? Any specific case that you need can be easily resolved, since the roles are 100% customizable, adapting to what you need.
  • Constant control of the accesses granted and possibility of making modifications: Another advantage of the new user roles for centers is the ease of making changes, since you can constantly control what access each role has, and make the necessary changes.

Have you already tried user roles for centers?

Try it now and tell us how it goes! I’m sure that your school will be very successful, since it was one of the most requested features, and it’s finally here 😉 And if your school still doesn’t use Additio for Schools, and you think it might be interested, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

Bye bye!

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