CRA Valle del Quípar

Center of the Region of Murcia, which educates students of Early Childhood and Primary Education.
“Nos gustó de Additio App la instantaneidad, la rapidez y la sencillez para configurarla y ponerla en marcha. ”
CRA Valle del Quípar
“Nos gustó de Additio App la instantaneidad, la rapidez y la sencillez para configurarla y ponerla en marcha. ”

Miembro del equipo directivo

Use of Additio App
Use of Additio App
Since 2021
Active families
Active families
88% of families
Active teachers
Active teachers
100% of teachers
Messages sent
Messages sent
More than 500.000

What was it about Edvoice that caught your attention to start using it?

What mainly caught our attention and, to be honest, was the fact that the Murcia Ministry put aid so that we could use it for free.

We have to admit that it is not easy to change the method of communication to all the families of the center when they are already used to a specific one, but even so we bet on Edvoice. We liked the instantaneity of the messages, the speed and the simplicity to configure it and start it up.


What were you looking for from a communication platform like Edvoice? Has it met your expectations?

Communication with families is very important to us. Being able to dispense with paper and have an instant option was key for us, thus improving communication between the center, our students and their respective families.

If it has met our expectations because it is an easy-to-use platform, families just have to download the app if they want to use it from their mobile and enter the code that we provide them from the center.


How was the implementation process in your center? Was the implementation easy for you?

It was quite simple really! We came from working with another platform so we were worried about the reaction that families might have, but it was easier than expected. As I mentioned before, just having to download the app and add the code, it was relatively easy for families to start sending and receiving messages.


How would you define your experience using our communication platform?

The experience has been very good, there are always aspects to improve, as in everything, but for the moment it is fulfilling its function and we are satisfied.


What do you think are the main strengths of Edvoice?

In our case, we would highlight the ease of disseminating messages to the educational community. For us it is very important that we can communicate quickly and easily with teachers, students and their families.


Could you tell us an example of a situation where Edvoice has made your job easier?

I couldn’t tell you just one specific one. In general, it helps us a lot in all situations. Sometimes, for example, you forget to mention an important detail in class and you remember once the students have left. Now it is no longer an inconvenience for us because we can send messages both as a group to the whole class or to the center, as well as individually to a specific student.


When the contract ends, would you like to continue working with Edvoice?

Once the contract ends, we would love to be able to continue using Edvoice as long as the economic situation and the budget of the center allow us at that time. In addition, the platform is constantly improving and they listen to the requests and suggestions of the centers, so we would like that after this period the proposals given by our center can be implemented.


If you could mention one aspect of our application to improve, what would it be?

One of the aspects that we would like to have implemented in Edvoice would be the option to send messages with special characters such as underlined text or the option to mark it in bold.

Another aspect that interests us that we know is already being worked on is scheduling shipments, where we can prepare the message to be sent at a specific time.


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