CEIP Palmerar

Located in Castellón, with 460 students and 31 teachers. Serves children from infant (3 years) to primary.
CEIP Palmerar
"Additio App has allowed us to make records very quickly, without waiting times. It has also allowed us to make more, clearer and faster annotations."

Member of management team

Use of Additio App
Use of Additio App
Since 2018
Average daily use
Average daily use
71% of teachers
Activities created
Activities created
More than 500
Rubrics created
Rubrics created
More than 40

Need or challenge

Before using Additio App, the recording of student data in all learning processes was done on paper notebooks. When beginning to use digital tablets in teachers, the need to reduce “objects” of daily use, simplify and unify the basic tools for teachers was raised.

The long-term objective is the use of the tablet in the most common facets of day-to-day life, transferring recording on paper or on a computer (spreadsheet, word processor) to a single device that is agile and quick to use.


Why did you choose Additio App?

We chose Additio App for its simple interface, the possibility of using it on multiple platforms (Android, iOS, web browser) and the quality of its tutorials.


How do you use Additio App daily?

Although it varies slightly between each teacher, we usually use it to record behaviors, deliver assignments and record notes. In this end of course we have started to use the function of the rubrics.


Was any training necessary?

Realizamos formación en el propio centro. Uno de los docentes, con mayor experiencia y conocimiento en la app, nos dio una formación inicial. Después hemos combinado la autoformación com las consultas entre nosotros para resolver dudas. Para el próximo curso escolar nos hemos planteado crear un seminario con una reunión cada pocas semanas para compartir nuestra experiencia con tablets y, entre otras aplicaciones, como Additio App.


How do you rate the support received?

On several occasions we have contacted the Additio App staff to resolve any issue such as the purchase of licenses, clarify concepts about the protection of the data entered and suggest improvements or adaptations to our needs. The treatment received has been pleasant, the answers have always been quick and clear, and we have observed a good disposition towards the requests that we have formulated.


Results achieved

Additio App has allowed us to make registrations very quickly, without waiting times compared to the computer. It has also allowed us to make more and clearer and faster annotations.

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