Symbaloo & Additio collaboration
28 de February de 2017

With 10 years of experience in the education sector and 10 million users worldwide, Symbaloo, the tool that allows to organize and group digital resources in an easy, visual and personal way, and Additio App, the all-in-one app for teachers highlighting the digital gradebook and class planner, which since its launch in the market in 2014 meant a disruptive change in how to organize and manage classes by teachers, they have established a partnership to help improve the educational experience for teachers and students.


Following the path of innovative products for teachers and available to all types of schools, both companies share the mission of facilitating the daily tasks of educators. Through this educational initiative both companies collaborate in conducting training activities, events online or in workshops, and work together to facilitate the dissemination of their latest products, which have a high level of complementarity.


For Additio users, Symbaloo’s Lesson Plans, are a perfect complement to the class planner, allowing create itineraries personalized learning in a very intuitive way and in turn, track realtime students, obtaining statistical data that can help the teacher better understand the progress of their students.


The Lesson Plans’ format is very similar to a board game in which each square represents educational material. Through this free platform, teachers can create customized learning paths and implement a very simple methodologies such as Flipped Classroom or project based learning. Also, Lesson Plans introduces gamification as resource to personalize learning, so that each student progresses at his own pace, and tailored to your needs and skill level.


On other hand, Additio App has created a webmix in SymbalooEDU, entitled “Getting started with Additio App“, it represents to be a starting point for new teachers who want to start learning the use of the digital gradebook with an interactive and personalized guide which help them as they learn new features.


Jorge Largo, educator from MIAC Educa’s team, notes that “with the arrival of the XXI century and the emergence of active methodologies, increasingly makes more sense the idea that complementary educational tools, such as Additio App and Symbaloo, join hands efforts and allow thus improve access and implementation by educational agents. Congratulations on bet and the effort to establish synergies.


Teachers are in luck, it will be great to get more out of Symbaloo and Additio App.“- Says the teacher and blogger Juan Jose Rondon MasterBlog.


It should be recalled that during the last trimester both tools have announced the integration of its products with Google Classroom and GSuite, expanding its ecosystem to the Google for Education world, which has more than 50 million accounts.

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