Work faster and offline with Additio on your Chromebook
14 de June de 2017

Every time a bigger number of teachers and schools are working with Chromebook laptops, specifically in the United States, more than 56% of the devices in the classroom are Chromebooks. That’s why … we’ve released the Chromebook App version!


From now on you can install the Android version of Additio App on your Chromebook, so you can use it without internet connection, experiencing greater speed and optimum performance, having all the advantages of using the App from a Chromebook device .


Remember that the web version of Additio App is also available in the Chrome Store, which will be very useful for generating your reports or exporting data, among many other features.


In this link you will see how you can download the beta version of Google Play in order to install the Android version of Additio App on your Chromebook.


Check the list of Google Play compatible Chromebooks to see if you can install Additio App from your laptop today.


Do not hesitate to make the most of AdditioApp on your Chromebook!

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