Additio App, your digitalization partner for education
26 de February de 2024

Are you looking for a tool to digitise education in your school, region, or community? Additio App is your digitalization partner for education, helping you enhance educational quality.

Discover what we offer and how we accompany you in the educational digital transformation process in your area or region.

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A strong commitment to digital transformation in education

Our commitment as digitalization partners for your educational project is to provide a comprehensive tool adaptable to all needs and strict on data security.

As your digitalization partners, we build your digital project according to your needs

If you rely on our support to develop your educational digital transformation project, we will create and adapt a solution tailored to your educational needs and specific requirements.

Discover some of the digital solutions we have developed:

  • Evaluation and school management:
    • We offer an AI-based schedule generator that optimises class, teacher, and space allocation error-free.
    • Teacher’s digital notebook: Easily assess students and keep track of their academic progress, including interactive rubrics and quizzes.
    • We offer a Learning Management System (LMS) fully adapted to your requirements and needs.
    • Evaluation targets: Track student progress and obtain information on areas for improvement.
  • Communication:
    • Video conferencing platform to take virtual teaching to the next level.
    • Schedule visualisation: Teachers, students, and families can stay updated on schedules, viewing changes in real-time.
    • Facilitate information flow between teachers and students/families through real-time chats.
    • General and one-way communications to convey important information.
    • Keep track of school attendance to detect absenteeism patterns and reduce dropout rates.
    • Create and share competency reports to assess student performance, as well as tracking and incident reports.
    • Create a collaborative environment that facilitates resource sharing to enhance both in-person and online learning experiences.
  • Administrative and financial management:
    • We provide tools for billing and simple financial and accounting management.
    • Easily manage documentation, projects, inventory, spaces, or resources.
    • You can manage all data on a single platform, and we guarantee the security and privacy of all data.
    • Human resources and recruitment tool, as well as time tracking.
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Many governments and institutions already trust Additio App as their digitalization partner

We have worked and are working with governments and institutions worldwide to carry out comprehensive educational digital transformation. Here are some of their experiences with us as digitalization partners:

Ministry of Education in Cantabria

In 2023, we started working to provide all educational centres in the autonomous community with a collaborative academic management platform, allowing competency evaluation and real-time academic progress tracking. We also provided a communication platform to maintain information flow between centres, teachers, students, and families.

More than 350 schools, with over 10,000 teachers in preschool, primary, and secondary education, are enjoying the benefits of integrating Additio App into their daily lives.

Ministry of Education in Murcia

In 2022, we began collaborating with the Government of Murcia to provide an institutional communication platform to educational centres in the region. As part of this project, teachers can easily communicate with students and families to involve them in their academic progress, whether through one-way or two-way communication.

More than 750 educational centres, with over 19,000 teachers and 170,000 students and families, are enhancing their educational experience with this project.

Renfrewshire Council

Since 2023, we have been offering Renfrewshire Council an LMS that allows all its officials to be trained online. It is a comprehensive solution, integrated with the HR resource management ERP they use, and fully adaptable to their needs and requirements.

More than 9,000 officials are undergoing training thanks to this project with Renfrewshire Council.

NSW Government

In 2021, we began collaborating with the New South Wales region in Australia to offer an LMS to help teachers manage the classroom and generate reports in the region’s 250 language schools.

250 educational centres and 1,000 teachers have significantly improved learning, evaluation, and attendance recording since this tool was implemented three years ago.

Would you like us to advise you?

If you believe we can help you lead educational digital transformation, you can email us at [email protected] with the subject “Digitalization Project,” and a specialised digitalization agent will contact you to better understand your project and determine how we can assist you.

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