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Upcoming webinars
17/01 - 19:00h (GTM+2)
Competence assessment with Additio

In this free webinar we will see all the keys to carry out a competence assessment using Additio. Made by Juan Luis Galiano, director and teacher at CEIP San Roque. With the collaboration of Freed.

In the webinar we will see:
Configuration of skills and competencies
Linking skills and competencies
Competence assessment
19/01 - 18:00h (GTM+2)
Keys to effective planning

In this free webinar we will see all the keys to carry out effective lesson planning using Additio and Wakelet. With the participation of the eTwinz and other expert teachers. With the collaboration of Wakelet.

In the webinar we will see:
Keys to plan classes
Using Additio for planning
Using Wakelet for planning
Real experiences of teachers
Previous webinars
09/11 - 18:00h (GTM+2)
How to create report cards and authorizations

In this free webinar we will see all the keys of the two new Additio modules for centers: the report creator and the forms and authorizations module.

In the webinar we will see:
How the new report builder works
Make a report card
Create forms and authorizations
15/09 - 18:00h (GTM+2)
Get ready for LOMLOE: how to assess and plan with Additio

In this free webinar we will see all the keys to evaluate and plan according to the new LOMLOE using Additio.

From the linking of key, specific competencies and criteria to academic planning.

Do not miss it!

13/09 - 18:00h (GTM+2)
How to integrate non-academic transversal content into the curriculum

We must bear in mind that our students must be educated in emotions, healthy lifestyle habits, collaborative work, leadership, critical thinking, oratory, technology, education for peace, SDGs, etc… since all this is within development 21st century social skills.

In this webinar we will teach you how to do it in addition to giving you many ideas so that you can apply them in your center.

24/05 - 18:00h

In this webinar we speak with Enrique Carretero and Marcos Ordiales, two teachers who will tell us how to understand the new LOMLOE, how teachers experience it, and how students and families experience it.

The webinar consists of:
Intervention Enrique and Marcos
Round table and questions
30/03 - 18:00h
Kit Digital - Up to €12,000 to digitize your center

We will know the details of the Kit Digital program, which aims to subsidize the implementation of digital solutions. We will see the requirements and steps to request it and the solutions that Additio offers as an approved digitizing agent of the Kit Digital.

This webinar consists of
How to apply
16/03 - 18:00h
Create memorable learning experiences

We know more about the importance of teaching digital competence. Take part in the future of education, empowering it with the tools that the speakers will offer us. Collaboration between Additio, Genially and Wiris.

This webinar consists of
Guest intervention
Round table and questions
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