Webinar sobre Flipped Classroom con la colaboración de MIAC Educa
9 de April de 2018

This coming Thursday 12 at 6pm (time zone Madrid), Symbaloo and Additio App we will make a new webinar on the educational methodology of Flipped Classroom. On this occasion we will have three renowned teachers to share their ideas and experiences in this field. The webinar can be followed live or delayed at the following link in Spanish:



Conchi Fernández is a Technology Teacher in Secondary and Baccalaureate and ICT Coordinator. Creator of online virtual courses, mass online courses (MOOC) and digital materials for online teaching as well as teacher, tutor and coordinator of online courses (Flipped classroom, Personalized Learning, Tutoring Platega, etc).


Ambassador of several digital tools, including Symbaloo and the Aula del Futuro (Future Classroom Lab) in Galicia. Passionate about social networks with a strong presence in them @cfdezmunin.


She bets on the personalization of learning, the use of social media as a source of knowledge and active methodologies such as the Flipped Classroom. Its motto is: learn anywhere and at any time.


Teachers who are part of the MIAC Educa team, an educational portal where sharing, learning and doing are the keys to the educational change that we all want that brings together teachers of a higher level that promote improvement in the different learning methodologies, which are Contributors of Additio App and Symbaloo:


Aarón Asencio says of himself that he is a rookie in this flipped classroom, but to be a rookie he has the prize for the best Flipped Classroom experience in Primary Education in the most important event of this pedagogical model that takes place in Europe , the III EUROPEAN CONGRESS OF FLIPPED CLASSROOM.


Currently tutor of 5th of Primary School in San Jose de Cluny de Novelda. He is also an editor at @flippedlearn, he knows more about him on his Twitter @aaronasenciofer


Miguel Angel Azorín is a professor of Physical Education in Primary. I work at the Padre Dehon de Novelda School in Alicante and has created the Flipped Primary educational app, to work with it through the Flipped Classroom model, although it can also be used as an educational reinforcement in class. I have recently been selected, to my surprise, on the Top-100 teachers leading Flipped Learning Worldwide 2017 list.


The Flipped primary app began focusing on their subject, physical education to later expand to English, language, mathematics, natural sciences, music, and even religion from first to sixth grade of primary school. Filtered Primary not only focuses on students but also It is also being used by teachers. Follow him on his Twitter @flipped_primary

Do not miss it!!!

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