Rain of new functionalities to save time, better evaluate and improve communication
8 de February de 2021

Since 2021 has started, we have not stopped publishing new functionalities. We share some of the most outstanding ones and the tutorials so you can get the most out of them:


-Importing students’ groups from Microsoft Teams. Following the previous development of the possibility of embedding Additio directly from Microsoft Teams, now we have added the ability to import groups and we will continue with further improvements.


Edquizz: possibility of sending the activity or exam to a specific student.


-Easy and efficient communication: as a teacher you can send messages with documents, photos and events from the web version. If you are an Edvoice user, you will see that many details have been improved.

You had repeatedly asked us to organize different sections of the application into folders and … after months of working on it, the folders are now available!


Folders: improve the organization of your account with the possibility of creating group folders, rubrics, annotations, resources and much more. Customize and adapt the way you organize your information and items.


Exporting the seating plan: now you can export it in one click.


-Updating user email: it is common to change email or confusion if you create multiple accounts, now you can update the email where you want to have your account from your profile.

We continue to listen to your suggestions for improvement to make Additio the essential tool for your day to day, in the same way that your daily work is essential for our society.

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