Additio App, a free idoceo alternative

For those teachers who are looking for an alternative to the idoceo gradebook, we have a solution that is much more than an iPad app!
Additio App, a free idoceo alternative

Comparison between Additio App and Idoceo. Which one is better?

In Additio App you can start for free without having to make any subscription payment, in comparison to idoceo.
You can easily use Additio App in any web browser, tablets and smartphones Apple or Android.
Tool to create UD
Tool to create UD
With Additio App you can create teaching units and projects.
Resource bank
Resource bank
You will be able to share rubrics, didactic units, competences, criteria and much more among the teaching community.
Adapted to educational laws
Adapted to educational laws
Additio App is 100% compliant with educational laws
Strict with the GDPR
Strict with the GDPR
Additio App is 100% compliant with the educational laws in each country and the GDPR data protection law.
<h2>Even more features that our teacher community loves</h2>
Additio App, a free idoceo alternative

Even more features that our teacher community loves

In the same way as idoceo, Additio App has an application for creating activities and online exams in a quizz format. Additio App has accounts for students and families who can view the parts of the assessment gradebook that teachers make visible, in the same way as attendance. Idoceo is an individualistic application and only for the Apple environment


Additio App is an open application, which can be used as a teacher but also at the center level with a school management platform version with accounts for families, students, tutors, administrators and teachers, which includes many advantages such as centralized management, group reports, communication and a long etcetera that benefits the entire center. Attendance, incidents, schedules, calendar, reports, notes, resources… and more than 150 features for class management!

Powerful integrations

Additio App has powerful integrations with the main learning environments (LMS). Import your student groups, assignments and grades from Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, and Moodle into your gradebook.


Unlike idoceo, we have integrations with the main publishers, platforms such as Holded and multiple educational applications.

You are in good hands. Join +200,000 happy teachers and +3000 schools around the world who already use Additio App.
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Frequently asked questions

Check the frequently asked questions about Additio App and Idoceo.

What is a gradebook?

It is an application that aims to keep track of student grades throughout a school period. It stands out for having functionalities that allow training and competence assessment, as well as facilitating day-to-day activities and classroom management, including tools such as attendance monitoring, class scheduling, timetables, calendars and reports.

Is the app free?

Idoceo is not free whereas in Additio App, you have a free plan available for teachers that allows you to start using the application.

Is it useful for kindergarten, primary, secondary, high school and vocational training?

Additio App has developed specific functionalities for each stage or level. The application is flexible and configurable and can be adapted to kindergarten (elementary), primary, secondary, high school and vocational training (VET).

We have multiple teachers from various specialties, you can ask for more information or see tutorials that are more adapted to your casuistry.

Can I use Additio and idoceo on multiple devices?

Idoceo’s gradebook can only be used on an iPad. Nevertheless, Additio App can be used on multiple platforms at once and sync your data. In other words, you can use Additio in the web version on any computer through the browser, and on any tablet or smartphone, whether Android or iPhone/iPad completely offline, without the need for an internet connection.

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