Flipped Classroom: the lesson at home and homework in class
10 de February de 2015

The incorporation of the tablet by teachers, thanks to applications such as Additio, has meant a great advance in the control and management of daily tasks and the monitoring of students.


The use of ICT in the educational field can also bring benefits to students, such as the flipped classroom, or class upside down, a new educational method that is committed to reversing the traditional order of the class and allows concepts to be acquired in a more practice.



With this teaching-learning system, the order of the activities is altered and the children begin the learning process outside the classroom, to later work and share the knowledge acquired with the teacher and the rest of the students. The approach of this methodology is revolutionary, and the application in class is very simple.


New technologies play an important role in this new way of educating, since digital resources are the ones chosen to spread the lesson. Technology not only gives students the means to conduct online research and master the technology skills they need, it also gives teachers the opportunity to enhance their lessons and make sense of the use of ICT in their classes.

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