All villages have a teacher but there isnt like this
12 de July de 2016

It is said about Maestro de pueblo (Village’s teacher) teaches, enjoy in the playground, corrects notebooks, coordinates, attends parents meetings …. but she has many holidays! 😉 Check out some of their secrets in our interview.


Why did you decide to introduce you to the world of social networks with a profile focused on teaching and teachers?

It was born without being planning too much as an escape route to every day’s class. Teachers at any meeting always end up talking about school, do not know talk about something else. In social networks is the same but this time I wanted to address these issues from a different point of view.


In a very short period of time, you’ve achieved many followers who follow your content. Have you thought about creating a blog?

“The truth is I’m a little overwhelmed, I never thought it could reach so many people. At the moment with social networks I’m happy, they let me publish my ideas quickly and directly.”


Do you think social networks are a tool for sharing resources among teachers?

In social networks you can not only share resources, they also serve to create your own “virtual faculty”. You know people who understand education in the same way that you do it, you find ideas and another vision that you had possibly never raised and allow you to keep abreast of educational developments.


How important do you think social networks can have in education? How can social networks be incorporated into the classroom?

Social networks can be used in many ways in the classroom and creatively, using a Facebook profile to work the biography of an author for example but I think the classroom itself is a social network. The most important thing is to know to create a network of human and personal contact between students so that later, when using social networks make sense.


What other digital tools you use in your everyday work?

Being in a town which allows me to network coverage, the digital division is another topic to be discussed between the people and cities.

I try to use those that are within my reach. Now with a mobile or tablet in the classroom and the large number of available apps you can record audio, take pictures and videos, upload all internet or post on the classroom blog in a simple way without having to be a computer expert.


Would you advise teachers not using new technologies to update their methodology and incorporating new channels of communication with your students?

The world has evolved, the reality has changed and a world without technology does not exist, even in small towns like mine. As teachers we can not be oblivious to that reality. As we can not think of teaching that the sun revolves around the earth we can not ignore the technology that is the language spoken by our students and the tools they use.


Summer holidays are about to come in Spain. What resources do you think the teacher should take advantage of to prepare more thoroughly for the next year; flipped classroom, gamification, ABP, ICT resources?

Holidays can be used to learn in a relaxed way, reading about education or attending a course but the important thing is to perform well know off, if not sharpen the ax can not keep cutting trees. I think we must seize holiday to rest.

“¿Methodologies? I think there is no “miracle methodologies”, always use the one most appropriate to each student and depending on the circumstances and the reality of each class.”


Any hints about the village where we can find Maestra de Pueblo :P?

Village’s teachers are in all the viallges and towns of Spain and for sure in all cloisters, we just have to know how to incorporate it into our everyday sense of humor.

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