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18 de January de 2017

Additio Certified Teachers are part of a global community of passionate educators recognized for doing amazing things with Additio App technology in and out of the classroom. These educators explore new ideas, seek new paths, and embrace new opportunities. That includes working with each other — and with Additio App — to bring the freshest, most innovative ideas to teachers, school leaders and students everywhere.


ACTs work closely with Additio App to lead innovation in education.

ACTs advise Additio App on integrating technology into learning environments — and share their expertise with other educators. They advocate the use of Additio App products that help engage teachers and students in new ways to evolve and improve education. They are ambassadors of innovation, participating in and presenting at education events around the world. Being part of the ACT community is an opportunity to make a difference.


Welcome to the Additio Certified Teachers directory.

There are now around 100 ACTs worldwide, from North America to South America, India, Spain, Italy, Greece to France. And they gather are involved in edTech events around the world as well as online in the ACT private community to collaborate on solutions to the global education challenges to face today and tomorrow.


Contact through their profile to request Additio App training or participation in a conference

ACTs have been recognized by the Additio App team after approving a test, ensuring that they can provide hands-on training to assist your team of teachers and educators from your school or educational center. By means of the contact form on their profile, they can be contacted for the realization of the trainings or presentations, which will be spread by Additio App.

We invite you to join our team of Certified Teachers to expand your professional learning network and help lead our community.

You can find the Additio Certified Teachers directory in this link


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