3 TED Talks about education you need to watch
14 de April de 2023

If you are a restless teacher who is eager to learn about other experiences that can be applied in education and you are constantly seeking ways to keep up to date, this post is for you. With the vast amount of educational content available online, we have selected 3 TED Talks on education or related aspects that are sure to change the way you view teaching. If you are curious, don’t miss out on this post!

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How TED Talks can help you with teaching? 

Watching TED Talks can help you improve your teaching and pedagogical practice in the following ways:

  • Inspiration and motivation: As they are short talks with powerful information and made by people with inspiring stories, they can be used to gain inspiration and motivation to improve teaching practice. They can also be used to inspire students and increase their motivation.
  • Expanding knowledge: The wide variety of topics covered in TED Talks allows both teachers and students to expand their knowledge, whether or not they are related to education.
  • Raising awareness on several topics: Thanks to these inspiring talks, awareness is raised about topics that are of concern in education, such as the real inclusion of people with disabilities, school absenteeism, promoting creativity, and more.
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1- To build students’ creative confidence

If you are worried that your students might give up on creativity because they fear being judged or worrying about what others might say, David Kelley’s talk will be very inspiring. Although it’s not a TED Talk on education per se, it does lay the foundation for the importance of fostering children’s creativity. Often, in the school environment, children begin to fear not being creative enough, and this thinking can persist into adulthood.

Therefore, this talk will help you understand how to guide people so that they do not have this fear and gain more confidence in themselves, something that can be translated into the school environment, where the role of teachers is essential.

In short, this video will change the way you see creativity and help your students unleash all of their creativity without fear. As David Kelley says, “We are all naturally creative.”

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2- To understand students with autism

It is estimated that in Spain there are more than 450,000 people who have autism, and every year around 4,200 children with autism are born in the country. However, do we know how to deal with autism in school?

Despite training being conducted on this topic and increasing social awareness, it is always useful to continue learning about autism. That is why Temple Grandin’s talk, where she explains her own personal experience, is ideal for understanding what autism is and how it can affect students.

In addition to helping us in understanding autism, the talk covers different strategies and ways of working with people who have autism, such as using images, patterns, etc.

Our favorite part of the talk is when emphasis is placed on helping children with autism to develop their potential and abilities, finding what they want to do in life and building their confidence to reach it.

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3- To understand the importance of offering a more inclusive education

Nyle DiMarco, a deaf model and actor, takes a journey through his childhood, explaining why it is important to promote more accessible education for deaf people and individuals with disabilities in general. Therefore, it is a very interesting TED Talk on education to watch.

By sharing his experience, viewers are able to increase their empathy for these communities, understanding the difference in education they receive and how it is sometimes more precarious.

This talk manages to awaken our most empathetic side and make us ask questions like: How can we change this? How do we ensure that people with disabilities feel and are truly integrated? What needs to change in the education system for children with disabilities to have the childhood they deserve?

Additionally, it is important to remember that with Additio, you can address diversity and inclusion, something vital to ensure that all groups can feel integrated in your classes.

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Do you have any other TED Talk suggestions on education? 

In this article we only cover 3 TED Talks on education (or related to education), but there are many other talks that are at least as interesting as the ones we have suggested. Do you have any suggestions? 

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