The use of thecnology in education
13 de May de 2021

Education is not just about reading a book, listening to a teacher or taking notes. Studying and learning involves acquiring knowledge that can then be applied to our daily lives, both personally and professionally. It is in this daily knowledge where technology has a major and fundamental presence.

If education and technology are already in constant evolution and growth, from 2020 with the emergence of a global pandemic, the evolution of these two sectors has had to grow by force in record time, a fact that not everyone has been able to achieve in the same way and speed, either due to lack of resources or lack of practice.

It is clear that technology is a fundamental part of making education easier and faster, speeding up the process of receiving information and learning not only outside the classroom but also inside of it. Unfortunately, not everyone sees technology as an aid and it is clear that not everyone has access to these tools with the same ease. That is why today we want to help you and dedicate this space to provide tips, ideas and educational tools to facilitate not only the student’s learning, but also the teacher’s way of teaching.


How can we introduce these tools in class?

The fact of introducing technological elements in the classroom makes the learning process different from what students are used to and therefore, it is a more dynamic and enriching task. In previous blogs we talked about how to implement gamification in class, a learning technique that transfers the mechanics of games into the educational environment to achieve better learning results, and combining it with our platform as a tool to evaluate the activity.

Gamification is an excellent resource to be able to follow the learning progress of students so that, in the case of not getting the right results, they do not have a feeling of failure or of having failed an exam, but it is just a game, that is, the risk of failure is lower compared to other activities.



What’s Edquizz?

Edquizz is a great option when it comes to organising quiz-type activities for students. It is a fun way to test the knowledge that students have acquired during the course through questions, either multiple choice, reasoning, with images, etc. having the option to see the results of the questions in real time from your Additio account as a teacher. In this way you can also organise competitions, challenges or even reward the most original answers, making the revision of the subject more dynamic for the students.


Co-evaluations and self-evaluations for working on self-criticism in the classroom

Sometimes, we find it difficult to give constructive criticism of what our classmates have done wrong, or even what we ourselves have done wrong. A good way to work on this aspect, encouraging them to understand that criticism helps to improve through technology is possible with the use of co-evaluations and self-evaluations. From Additio you can create rubrics to send to students, so that they can use their own criteria to evaluate and then return the activity to the teacher, and all with just one click. Simple, right?

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