El blog del maestro: “The main objective that we intend to answer is the love for this profession”
9 de August de 2016

Blog del Maestro (teacher’s blog) was born as an educator which was intended to pool resources, news and sensations that leave this exciting profession. Somewhat later, the Facebook page, which will reap great success and forming a community of teachers arises. After some time, Virginia, an enthusiastic teacher specialist Therapeutic Pedagogy joined to the project. Today we intend that Blog del Maestro become a benchmark for all teachers and for that we grow in impact. A project done in Andalusia, Spain for all teachers.


What part of your job as a teacher you like the most?

Virginia: Our work has many rewards, contact with students enrichs ourselves in great measure. Working with children with special educational needs and in this time I have learned a lot from them, with no doubt, is a great example see how they overcome their difficulties and strive to move forward. For me, the most satisfying moments of my career have been when I’ve seen them get further steps, after months of work. At that point you realize that all the effort is worthwhile.

Juan J: The teaching is a vocational profession. In my case I admire my work and every day I meet more have made the decision to dedicate my life to teach and educate. In my job I enjoy the majority of things that I do, but they feature the possibility of working with people, with the possibility of transmitting values ​​to create a better society. The students of today is tomorrow’s society and our responsibility to make them grow in values ​​of equality, justice and solidarity. This is an exciting challenge. My big goal as a teacher.


As groundbreaking teacher, what trends do you perceive in the future of education?

Virginia: Undoubtedly, new technologies play an important role in the future of education and are increasingly integrated into our classrooms.

“Cooperative learning is gaining momentum as a methodology where students become protagonists of an increasingly participatory learning and teaching teamwork and grow as a person.”

Juan J: In response to this, we can determine that the nearest future of education walks based on the student learning experience.

“We must also address cooperation as a form of work and establishment of projects or centers of interest for the development of our work. Education can not be detached from the reality we live in our daily lives.”


Do you think technology is important in the classroom?

Of course, new technologies have an increasingly important role in society role and therefore the school must use these means to promote learning to connect with their interests and bring them to a responsible use of them, since they have a great educational potential if it is used correctly.


How do you imagine the classroom over the next five years behind the technological advances that may occur?

It is hard to imagine given the speed at which new technologies are advancing. Imagine a classroom where students can enjoy interactive applications and motivating activities via computer. The whiteboard is a very powerful tool that over the years we learn to get more out.


In your blog there are plenty of educational resources for teachers. What can a teacher expect when he enters into your blog?
The main objective that we intend to answer is the love for this profession. Furthermore it reminds society in general and teachers in particular, the importance of transmitting values involved in each school community: students, teachers and families.

“Of course, we intend to address current educational issues and to enrich our work, share educational links that may be useful in the classroom. All of it seasoned with a pinch of breaking news and sometimes humorously. It could not be otherwise!”


El Blog del Maestro (Teacher’s blog) has become a reference blog for teachers reaching more than 60,000 followers on Facebook, what are the shared resources that produce more interest and which are your next steps?

This whole project started humbly but always full of illusion. The hardest part is the beginning. Success in social networks is determined by your number of followers and the relevance of your publications. At first was difficult to reach many people, but at the same time that you have followers, your publications are more successful and the name of your blog is ringing in the teaching world.
The resources with more tracking are images that teachers-and the rest of the educational community feel identified and where the importance of education is recognized. They also generate great excitement publications that convey in a social message.
The next steps in the blog are determined by a slight makeover in design and logos. Continue the dissemination of more educational content and follow on the same line as the publication of images that endorse our exciting work.


Do you have a anecdote?

Many curious things have happened when you take a blog in which there is interaction. Among those many things we highlight two that caught our attention and curiosity, which give us wings to continue this project.

One of them happened thanks to an entry in our blog in June 2015. It is a compilation of certification tests B1, B2 and C1 of languages ​​in different regions. Users consider quite useful as a single file with their audio tests and corrections. The number of visitors exceeded expectations. At that time I was studying teachings in the Official School of Languages ​​and was incredulous when walking down the hall and hear in a huddle of people “tests are in El Blog del Maestro. You have to put Google “Blog del Maestro” and there you’ll see them.” I could not avoid but feel satisfied with the work we have been doing.

Another of our stories leads to early 2015 when we decided to design an image that give reasons to motivate students each day of school. The we titled “Like having a great day of school”. The image quickly spread through the net, thanks to the number of times that was shared and by publishing the same in other educational Facebook pages with a similar style. A few weeks later, Virginia, a native of Cordoba, was going to vote for the Andalusian elections in their childhood school. To her surprise, the image she did herself was embodied in the form of mural on the walls of the courtyard. ‘It was a difficult feeling to describe !! Here you can see:


Do you consider Additio as a key tool for the teacher 2.0? Why?

It is for every teacher, the order in their schedules and records is essential. It is a task that any teacher can do without it. Most of them, they always have had Additio in writing on our table.The digital gradebook details us each of the activities we will carry out, in addition to serving as a record of everything that happens in the classroom.

“Additio allows a detailed log of all with the particularity of its digital format, this way is recorded all your teaching function. Additio is a very useful application for teachers and we recommend it without hesitation!”
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