We speak with Patri Salgado
12 de August de 2016

Patri is a teacher of hearing and language plus therapeutic pedagogy in love with special education, new technologies. She dreams every day of an inclusive society.


You say in your blog that you have the best job in the world, what do you mean by that?

Learn from my students, awake our imagination and creativity, express feelings and emotions, enjoy our company I can not ask for more!

“I try in each session of hearing and language become an adventure. For that reason, I have a priority to meet their needs and interests, thus, to be able to respond to them. Developing inside and outside the classroom a pleasant and motivating environment, which facilitates the emergence of a significant and generalized learning.”


‘We find you in almost all social networks, do you think that all networks can bring anything to education?

Yes, I can comment on my experience a very positive aspect of the teacher’s presence on social networks is: learn from others, share, exchange ideas and experiences, meet teachers from all over the world is enriching. Having that “virtual faculty” allows you to live situations that sometimes in your real cloister are much more complicated to find.
Similarly, form our professional digital identity, it is a key point.
Moreover, I am on social networks like Instagram and Snapchat to share and disseminate our adventures in #MiAulaDeAlMola and to know and be able to answer the questions of my teenage students and generate in them the proper use of the social networks.


You’re collaborator in Aula de Medios (Media Classroom), a member of the Internet in the Classroom, and take part of TACCLE and official Symbaloo instructor, and… forms part of Esferatic too. Where do you get all the energy? We hope that in future you also can become an Additio Certified Teacher:P

Thank you for the invitation, I’ll be delighted to be part of your great family. I’m sure the company will be excellent. ☺

“Energy … I think the vocation can do everything. I am always willing to learn and know the largest possible number of tools and methodologies that allow me to provide the most appropriate educational response to each of my students (I call love). Working with such a diverse student warrants. Similarly, for cooperative work with my fellow center and families, who are constantly present in my educational work.”

I have always been very restless and liked me to form. Working with others and be part of projects that enrich my real and virtual professional identity. However, I’m in oppositions year so my participation in social networks is less than usual, for study, but I always try to keep up. So I can, I learned to convey my teachers in training courses for teachers, both in the region of Murcia and Valencia, in Spain. I leave our labels on Twitter if you want to have a look #MiCursoTICIES #MiCursoTIC #MiCursoABP


We know you’re involved in several projects, but can you tell us what the #guappis project is about?

#Guappis For me is one of the most precious collaborative projects in the world. ☺ We are currently more than 50 education professionals nationally and internationally sharing information on the use of educational applications or within an educational, family or leisure context.

Guappis magic is that allows learning experiences meet different applications using mobile and tablet devices. Such applications are classified by different aspects so that anyone can find an application that meets the needs are looking for. We also include, steps use examples to perform in the classroom and the information on the application, if it is free, payment or part of iOS or Android. All that information can be found on our blog.

We have hundreds of applications for all educational levels and modalities.

“Our main objectives are: to ensure that mobile devices are integrated into the classroom as learning tools and teaching.”

Depending on the selected app and the subject or topic they may work different aspects of the curriculum such as speaking, writing or understanding and creativity relating to the development of digital competence.


You describe yourself as a lover of ICT tools, what are the essentials in your day to day as a teacher?

As a teacher of hearing and language I use with my loves all those that allow me to work the linguistic communicative competence of fun.

Among them I can mention: Zoobe, Tellegami, ChatterKid and Sock Puppets.
For writing: Araword and notegraphy.
To get organized: Symbaloo, boards on Pinterest, Imovie, Ivook.
Presentations: genially and Google Drive.
To share: Blog, Instagram. Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat.


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