Self-assessment & coevaluation with rubrics it is already possible in Additio
23 de March de 2017

We have great news to share with all rubrics lovers! With version 3.3 there is a possibility for students to evaluate themselves and their peers. With the Self-Assessment and Co-Assessment (peer assesment), you can send rubrics to the students and their classmates and even the students themselves, the most common case would be the parents.

A rubric is a tool to help assessment and can be particularly useful in the classroom when assessing is complex, imprecise or with subjective aspects. It can serve to assess the degree of learning achieved by the student in knowledge and skills, and also to be able to judge in a more ecuanimus way the process of learning, the level of achievement of the learning and/or the quality of the work carried out by the students.

This new functionality is perfect for teachers who use project based learning (PBL) methodology.

To use this new amazing functionality, you must press the right mouse button above the + button in the column header, in order to create the columns for self-evaluations and peer assesment with rubrics.

Note: The self-assessment and co-assessment options are only available in the web version.


Self-evaluation involves reflecting on something you have done yourself and judging.

Self-assessment routines can be done on a practice, a behavior, a task, an involvement …. It is interesting the concept of reflection as understanding self-assessment as a way to increase student autonomy and learning.

By clicking on the option Self-assessment will appear a modal window where you have to put the title of the column and choose the rubric that you want to use for students to self-evaluate.

Coevaluation (Peer assesment)

Pressing the option Co-assessment will show the modal window that will give you the possibility to evaluate through these options:

Manual co-evaluation
In both the self-evaluation and the co-assessment it is important to have correctly added the emails, otherwise, they will indicate those students or those responsible that do not have the email defined.

This will be the mail that will receive the student or responsible depending on whether it is self-evaluate or to co-evaluate:


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