Interview to Jesús Hernández
23 de August de 2016

The multifaceted Jesus Hernandez presents his blog “Crea y aprender con Laura,” one of the most renowned blog of educational tools and HangoutEdu project. Are you a teacher and still not know what it is? Find out today!


Crea con Laura’s blog (Create with Laura) is known for being very versatile, readers can find plenty of content on educational apps, math, language, film, Pinterest boards … What do you think are the contents more demanded by the teachers?

In Crea y aprende con Laura, I write about many areas and issues basically for two reasons:

  • On one side, because I have always considered the transfer of learning as a value and in that sense, I think that seek inspiration in the other (which it should no longer be a watertight compartment) is always enriching.
  • Otherwise, because I have always loved to share with fellows those things I find and think they can be of interest.

I think the content most demanded by teachers are those who provide them deep approaches, which go beyond a simple recipe, but, at the same time not remain isolated from reality and its realization in the classroom.


Speaking of educational apps, how do you consider to be the teacher prototype from 2016 to 2017

“I do not see a teacher of the course 2016-2017, I see a timeless teacher who tries to adapt to changes in a critical way, proposing other ways when the ones who are sold to them as innovation are not satisfied.
I see unprejudiced (though not always is easy), open, physically interconnected and virtually accompanying students in the pursuit of happiness and a better world for all and to all the world, using technological tools not as an end in themselves, but as tools to facilitate learning. I do not see competitive but collaborative or on the way to be.

In this sense, I like apps that are open, that enrich the student without treating them as robots in its worst sense, marking a unique way, but giving wings to develop and track their own creativity.


You’ve recently started HangoutEDU, a collaborative project to generate debates and reflections on the social network Twitter, and hangouts of educational interest. Could you explain the project and who is participating in it?

HangoutEDU is a space for reflection through which we try to learn and share what we learn. In HangoutEDU participation through Twitter it is fundamental. We used to continue enriching and deepening topics. Usually it lasts hours and ended respond well into the night, when the comments of a continuously stop but continue for days. Not surprisingly, the four hangouts that have developed have been Trending Topic national, exceeding seven million interactions on Twitter. We have had with leading educational and social world as teachers Francisco Mora Teruel@morateruel, Javier Guallar,@jguallar, Jurjo Torres,@JurjoTorres, Miguel Ángel Santos Guerra,the group of scientists on wheels Big Van, @_BigVano Alfredo Vela,@AlfredoVela, prominent tweeters and social media.

We also develop hangouts between centers in which students from different schools are participating in online conversations with scientists, historians …

HangoutEDU is composed by Mercedes Ruíz, @londones, real alma mater of many projects, Inmaculada Contreras, @inmatics, much more than a community manager of the project, José Blas García,@jblasgarcía, the restless and participatory side of our project, Gorka García,@Gorkaprofe, freshness, collaboration and human side, Juan Morata,@Jmorsa, always looking out of your comfort zone and responsive, Jesús Hernández, @jhergony.


One of your articles is 377 #shortfilms with educational value, just to see one of these shorts can change the life of a teacher, do you think the videos that increasingly are being implemented more in class can generate the same impact on students and their performance?

Of course I do, I believe in the value of the short film as a format that is completely adapted to the current education as inspiring element, creative, motivating, as a starting point for deeper discussions and investigations, if necessary, it can actually cause impact (in fact, the good do) in our students 377 #shortfilms with educational value it also exists as a cured as the list with more visits within its global Trending List, exceeding two million visitors.

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