“New projects and the enthusiasm to start a new course always have to be inherent in our profession” says Roberto Fernández
28 de August de 2017

Roberto Fernández Joral is a Primary Education teacher with a special mention in Physical Education. A lover of education for all and everybody. His hobbies are nature and sport, combined with education itself. Roberto shares his facebook page, where is currently creating to share resources, materials, experiences …


You did a project on Alzheimer’s, where you collected a significant sum of money for an association, with a methodology of service learning, can you explain more about this magnificent project?
It was an interdisciplinary project that brought together different curricular areas, and where we went beyond the purely curricular. We went deeper into this disease, visited an Alzheimer’s association and created a T-shirt to launch a real campaign, where 1.400 euros were raised, all for the association.

Anyone who wants to know more about the Alzheimer’s project, about different procedures or evaluation instruments that do not hesitate to contact me in a disinterested way, in order to benefit the maximum number of children.


In this project the students worked several competences, how is this objective achieved?

“The project name itself, in the case of being a true project, implies a lot of competence work.”

From social and civic competences, working in cooperative, and with sick people, digital competence in working with the application of Crowdence, initiative and entrepreneurial spirit when launching an advertising campaign, competence in linguistic communication when having to present the present work, In addition to the multiple curricular contents that this proposal addresses.


Are you part of a research group, can you tell us more about the new evaluation instruments (scales, targets) or new methodologies?
Yes, the research group is the Grupo Attitudes de León which I invite to visit, as it presents a very large educational resource bank, available to any teacher. This group is formed by professionals from different stages of education, but we share the passion to educate, so we are so active in introducing in our classrooms methodologies, evaluation instruments, as names and a myriad of resources that enrich To our students, for whom we care so much every day.


You were awarded an International Congress of evaluation and training, what was the project?
That’s. In July, the 10th International Conference of Formative and Shared Evaluation “Good Teaching Practices” was held at the University of León and I received one of the prizes for innovation in teaching young teachers. A prize that does not value me alone but also to all the colleagues who work in these lines of work. That day was me, but in a few months will be another companion.


We know you have new projects, could you make some brushstrokes about what we will see?

“The new projects and the enthusiasm to start a new course always have to be an inherent in our profession, children need it. I am passionate about service learning, in order to improve society, since we have to remember that we are not educating future Citizens, but we educate citizens of the present and who have to be present in society as a very important piece of it. “


As an Additio Certified Teacher, how do you think Additio adapts to these new educational forms or new tools?
I have used Additio for a long time and I see in this tool a lot of potential in our educational field. The improvements are constant, and I see that the teacher in the classroom has voice and vote in all the decisions of the Additio process. I think it should continue in this line, since as I said on certain occasions, I see it as one of the tools with more pedagogical wealth that teachers can use. It is true that certain evaluation instruments are lacking, such as the scales of assessment, graduates, gradebooks of intra-group follow-up, goals of co-evaluation … I do not have the slightest doubt that they will incorporate in future updates.


Have you used or do you think you could use Additio App for one of your future projects?

“Adding these options in the previous question, along with the existing co-evaluation and self-assessment tools in Additio, I think it would be the educational tool par excellence that I would use in my classes.”
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