We talk with Roberto Busquiel
20 de February de 2017

Roberto Busquiel is a teacher of Primary and Music at the College of Father Dehon, from Novelda, he also is MIAC Project coordinator with four companions excited to improve today’s education.


What is MIAC? What can we find on your site?

“MIAC is a networked learning environment formed by a team of teachers who, with concern and excitement, face daily the challenges adapted to the XXI century education. We have a common denominator: offer to the educational community, an education adapted to the demands of the XXI century.”

Currently MIAC has the web space miaceduca.es where to connect with those teachers and educators who have the same concerns as us. In it, the thoughts and concerns, news, projects and ideas of teachers the XXI century come alive and get their own way.


What do you think are the main tools for promoting educational change?

We believe that in order for things to happen, sometimes have to provoke them. Our attempt to create that space where connecting and sharing, and up to our motto, “the only way to move forward is with you”, it is nothing more than a small step, it leaves as an open door to the famous and desired change we all expect.

“The essential tools are passion, motivation, training and cooperation among teachers to improve our daily reality. “


What is for you the main goal of the school and the teacher?

The aim of schools and teachers always have to be to improve, improve from the reality of each one, and when we talk about improving I do not mean what we need to improve but how we need to improve, that’s one of the keys, managing work teams to analyze how we do things and how we want to do them. Once we have that “how”, the actions will be what will be show us the results.


MIAC team consists of many educators, how did you meet? How do you organized?

The MIAC team consists of five active teachers in different realities, four of us work in the College of Father Dehon in Novelda and our colleague Jorge Segovia Largo is working on the BVM Irish College and the University Elizabeth I of Burgos.

The MIAC project started with the idea of creating a FanPage where to share news related to educational innovation, it gradually grew and began to emerge many ideas related to the improvement of this project, the first was to create a team and share ideas with my colleagues and we did not hesitate to bet on shaping this project. Later, as team started looking improvements, design, other networks, different resources to connect with teachers and give voice to our project …finally we opened our web space to shape this.

With hard work and effort we have been growing, reaching many people interested in education and in our project and we have been fortunate also to have a large number of collaborators who help us with the content we offer and they are also participants in this great dream.


As professional education, how do you think you can improve the teacher’s task or, assays in your website and you can learn better? 

All think whenever we have an education system that does not let us move and we are moving behind many countries and it is true, but as Montserrat del Pozo said in one of his speeches, “teachers are the engine of change”, if we want our system change, first we have to change us.

We need to change in many ways, not only teachers XXI century needs constant training, teachers also need analyze to get results of how we are educating our students and the needs they have.

“Hear from our students is also a good way to find improvements in our teaching. If generate more meaningful and real learning, our students learn better, more motivated and find the essence and beauty of learning for life. “

On the other hand, the role of management and the management teams is also very important,need leaders who believe in the new paradigm, push, encourage and motivate their teachers is key to a healthy environment in school and get large common challenges.


Since you started MIAC has achieved more than 139,000 Facebook fans, would you what expected when you started?

The truth is that we never expected that, nor think how far as we’ll get, we like to think about the present and live it and today so we are very happy for the development of the project, create networks and reach all people concerned about the education of our students, and want seek improvements to today’s education.


Roberto Busquiel es maestro de Primaria y Música en el Colegio Padre Dehon de Novelda y coordinador del Proyecto MIAC junto a cuatro compañeros ilusionados por mejorar la educación actual.

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