Ideas to celebrate Halloween in classroom
29 de October de 2021

Halloween is approaching, and with it the question that all teachers ask themselves: What can I do in class to celebrate it? Well, today we bring you a post with different ideas to apply in class with your students and thus make this day an entertaining and educational activity in class.




With materials such as cardboard, felt, coloured paper, etc., we can create masks so that pupils can dress up in class with their classmates. In this way, we can work on creativity and encourage collaborative work in class, as everyone can help each other to create their masks, either by painting, cutting out the cardboard or even thinking about the design they want to make.

Another idea using recycled materials is to use bottle bottoms, as they have a larger surface area, we can create pumpkins to collect sweets. All we have to do is cut out the bottom of the bottle, leaving a margin that allows us to store sweets without spilling them, paint the bottle orange like the pumpkins and we can add decorations such as eyes, mouths and other accessories to personalise the bottle to our taste. Finally, we just need to add a rope that goes from one end of the bottle to the other, so that we can hold it and collect the sweets.

Decorating the classroom with drawings by the pupils is also a good option to work on their creativity. It can be a closed theme such as a ghost, a witch or a pumpkin, or it can be a free theme, so that they themselves have to think about what to draw.

Remember that all these activities can be evaluated in Additio. How? Well, that’s easy:

  1. Using rubrics: where you can showcase students’ work and assess more subjective aspects such as skills, creativity, etc.
  2. Through marks with icons: very useful when you don’t want to use numerical grades, in Additio you can work with the icons you need, including smiley faces such as the happy face, the sad face, etc. Note that all the notes in Additio are customisable, so you can assign the value you want to each icon in order to make a better calculation.
  3. Using skills and evaluation criteria: in this way, we can also evaluate the set of knowledge and skills developed by the student when carrying out the task.


You can also take advantage of other resources from Additio such as quizzes, where you can create questions related to Halloween, a film you have seen in class, etc. and send them to the students so that they can answer and later evaluate them.



Here are a few sample questions for you to use in your quizzes. Remember that you can always configure the type of answer you want, yes/no, that the student has to write the answer, multiple choice, etc. or even add images and videos to make it more visual.

  1. What is the name of the Halloween pumpkin? … Charlie / Jack / Hallow / Catrina
  2. Who started Halloween? … The Vikings / The Celts / The Romans
  3. When is Halloween celebrated? … 31st October / 31st November
  4. What is given on Halloween? … Money / Potatoes / Sweets
  5. How do you say Zombie in spanish? … Zombie / Zoo
  6. What scares vampires? Garlic / Eggs / Oil
  7. What is Dracula? A vampire / A witch / A mummy
  8. In which country did Halloween originate? Hungary / Ireland / France
  9. Is a pumpkin a fruit or a vegetable? A fruit



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