Additio and Symbaloo present a series of Webinars for education
11 de January de 2018

The first on will be focus on cooperative learning and will take place on January 18 at 18pm (conducted in Spanish)


Symbaloo, an online desktop with multiple educational uses and Additio App, the platform for teachers and school management whose share the vision and philosophy of facilitating the ability to share content and knowledge among the educational community.


With Symbaloo we can share our webmixes with people we like, with Additio App, teachers and admins can share lesson plans, rubrics and grade structures with other teachers, so we wondered why not contact our teachers together and share their knowledge ?


It is for this main reason, we have decided to create a series of online webinars on YouTube where different teachers with skills in a subject area share their experiences in their daily lives as teachers with real cases like yours in their classrooms.

For this first webinar “Cooperative Learning” will be the topic. Soon the link through which to connect and view the webinar will be added below. In addition, you can participate interacting and asking questions:



About cooperative learning:

Learning and work cooperative is an approach that tries to organize activities within classes to turn into a social and academic learning experience. Students work in groups to perform classroom tasks collectively.


Teachers taking part of the first webinar are:

Albert Falgueras

Enthusiast technology. Currently professor of mathematics INS Vicens Vives and experienced teaching in the area of training cycles. He is mechanical and industrial engineer, training that allows you have a broad view of the different technological and scientific fields, socan apply in their classes. As Additio Certified Teacher explains that loves Additio App because in one tool allows you have all your day to day and classroom management.

At the same time, it is entrepreneurship program coordinator Yuzz and has been president of the UdG (University of Girona) Alumni, delving much in the academic world.


Eva Teba

Restless and with a constant desire to learn new methodologies and innovative aspects connected with the world of education. It has studied between three very different educational systems, Spanish, American and Finnish, and likespick the best of each stage to apply to new projects.

Degree in Philology from the Complutense University of Madrid, Master of Philosophy from Johns Hopkins University, PhD in Hispanic Literatures at Yale University (USA) and expert in active methodologies for the new educational paradigm. He has been professor for 11 years at the Colegio Ramón y Cajal, Madrid, where he also served as Director of Quality Department. Education has also been Director of Secondary and college Mirasur, Pinto, Madrid.

Currently, develops his professional work in the field of university and private consulting. Pedagogical Director and cofounder of consulting”Educating” which spent seven years offering solutions to educational world and forming and training teachers. University, works as lecturer in the Master of International Education and Bilingualism, and the Master of Secondary Education at the University Camilo José Cela, Madrid. Finally, he is the Director of Graduate “Specialist in Cooperative Learning and Multiple Intelligences” which Educando and UCJC organized in collaboration.  


Federico Centeno

GEG Leader (Google Educator Group) in Colombia Community, specialized in G Suite and change management with experience in implementation. Google Certified Innovator, provides professional development for teachers and administrative staff to support the integration of technology and education at all grade levels and content areas.

Also serves as advisor to managers regarding the implementation of Edtech and best practices for managing and using G Suite in an educational setting.

He teaches mathematics and ICT coordinator at Marymount College Barranquilla in Colombia and Raspberry Pi Certified Educator.

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