The 4Cs in education with Additio
31 de August de 2017

The 4 Cs in education are 4 skills that have been identified by teachers, education experts, business leaders and even politicians in United States (US) as former President Barack Obama, who illustrate the skills of the 21 century students need to succeed in work and life in general.

This commitment to education adapted to current social needs, collides with many traditional tools or LMS platforms that remain deadlocked in the approach of past academic systems.

Every time students and teachers need to be interconnected, and 4Cs have to cater to both parties in their methodologies. That is why in Additio App, we are maintaining long conversations with passionate educators to adapt our applications and make it easier to enhance teaching 4 Cs – critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity – in their students.


Collaboration – The ability to collaborate and be part of a collaborative project is one of the most demanded skills for this century. Additio App seeks not be a traditional gradebook but with collaborative plan (Collaborate) for centers allows the possibility that teachers can share groups and structures, facilitating the flow of knowledge and planning classes and materials.

At the same time, it allows the creation of a school repository of common rubrics, this way teachers of one area or with more digital knowledge are able to expand their rubrics with others, and these can improve and edit the rubrics together.

The tools also work collaboratively! When two open and collaborative tools like Google Classroom and Additio App gather magical things happen! By integrating Additio App with Google Classroom and GSuite, in addition to export your students roster and groups, you can also export tasks and grades from Google Classroom into Additio App!


Communication – certainly two of the biggest challenges of teachers are facing are communicating with families, and the ability to give feedback instantly to the student, allowing the be a guide, devoting the shortest possible time on administrative tasks and may be dedicated entirely on student progress, their performance and how to push its full potential.

With Edvoice application, families, students and teachers connect together, so they can communicate in real and participatory while communities, being able communicate at the desired time and teacher’s time, it has a priceless advantage, to reduce repetitive tasks, send notes and assistance automatically integrated in your digital gradebook, plus it has a two way private channel through which students provide indications to improve their performance.

Parents can communicate with teachers privately without exchanging or display phones with other parents.


Critical thinking (critical thinking) – The possibility that by rubrics students can assess themselves and coeval opens a range of possibilities at a pedagogical level.

The fact of having to self evaluate themselves, it generates a reflection in students, which enables to understand where they have less development of their skills and where they should work to improve and practice their strengths.

At the same time, the fact of evaluate their peers and affecting in their grades, it does increase their responsibility and comprehension as a natural process, which also put the students on the skin of the teacher and helps both understand their common points of view.

Another functionality that has been improved upon many of your suggestions, is creating dynamic and personalized reports, not only at class group level, but individually per pupil, ideal for monitoring with the students at the center point how to show families their evolution, with all the detailed personal notes that teachers do during the classes and classroom management.


Creation – Imagination and creativity to power! Create your rubrics, your standards and competencies, create customized reports to your needs and … mark types you want.

You do not want be only numerical evaluation? It creates a type of notes based on icons 🙂

With the lesson planner you can create all your planning sessions and units displayed for weeks and months, all planning. During the process of creating a session, this is full of tricks to be at least tedious and simple possible. Copy and paste sessions and edit them, define session templates that you can easily drag to reorder them or attach files that you will use in class as videos, documents or links.


We hope the improvements and new features continue to help you to make your students evolve positively. We love meet passionate educators, and receive your suggestions, to talk about creative ideas, trends in the classroom and your everyday challenges. Good start of school year!

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