Summary Devfest Educació held in Barcelona
28 de November de 2016

This past weekend team members from Additio App had the pleasure of attending the DevFest Education of Barcelona, one of the leading events within the Google community focused on education and teachers, as well as technologies of Google with application in the classroom, as G Suite for Education and Google classroom, but also more innovative trends such as Virtual Reality with Google Cardboard, Expeditions or Tango.

The day highlighted by the sharing of knowledge by specialists and reflections and feedback provided by many educators assistants.

The GDGs team (Google developer Group) of Lleida, Vigo, Tenerife and Tarragona, under the brand GDG Spain, they led an event 15 papers focused on training and presentation technology Google and more for teachers.

The location where the event was held was the Vedruna Gracia School in Barcelona.

Both DevFest of Barcelona as the next in Spain that will take place this Saturday day 3rd to be held in Madrid, have in common spaces on G Suite for Education, Personalized Learning, Google Classroom, GDG Kids, Woman Tech Maker, VR & AR solutions Google, round and workshops tables.

In the following photos and tweets are displayed some moments of presentations  as the success story of the Vedruna School, presented by Montserrat Jimenez responsible innovation that explained the project of educational transformation and experiences of Vedruna, and Santi Herrero Edpuzzle CTO, disruptive tool to convert any video in your own educational lesson in a quick and intuitive way. An ideal tool to run the “flipped classroom”.

Gonzalo Romero of Mirasur College, EdTechconsultant and Andreu Ibañez as co-organizers of Google Developer Group Spain led the day in a pleasant way.

Karina Ibarra CEO of myABCKit, an educational children application with fun literacy activities and games that promotes personalized learning.

Francesc Busquets department of education of the Generalitat de Catalunya, with many funny and interesting initiatives.

In one of the committees were also participating Ricard Uriel, CEO of the company Cloudalia, specialized in advising schools ICT tools, partners and Google Google for education for Work, who defended the training of teachers in the use of tools as key element.

Paco Fernandez prototype developer @IBMResearch explained how organizing a GDG Kids.

Vanessa Galcera from the GDG Tarragona presented the WomenTechMakers program Google to promote the active participation of women in the world of programming.

Esther Subias journalist, educator, trainer and ICT consultant and director Xarxa Punt TIC and WomanLiderTIC Ambassador presented the project  to train girls in programming.

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