Personalized reports generator

You can easily create academic reports templates with dynamic data and a 100% customizable design.
Personalized reports generator
Design customized reports and card reports
Visual drag-and-drop editor
100% customisable widgets
Individual and massive PDF export
Dynamic data from different sources
Discover the main features of Additio App software to create card reports and academic reports
You only have to choose the information you want to display, our tool will do the rest!
Customized card reports
You only have to choose the information you want to display, our tool will do the rest!
Dynamic data tables
Bar graphs and pie charts
Assessment graph radar
Full-custom design
Generate all sorts of educational reports, if you can imagine it, you can do it!
All types of academic reports
Generate all sorts of educational reports, if you can imagine it, you can do it!
Adjusted to autonomous legislation
Output profile reports
Assessment reports
Official documentation
Create the perfect card report for your school!
The new templates generator allows you to design reports by using images, texts, forms, tables and charts. You can customize all the components' styles and choose different data sources for each widget.
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Frequently asked questions about report cards generator

Check the most frequently asked questions about Additio for schools. If you want more information about our plans, click here.

What kind of card reports can I create?

Additio App report generator allows you to create any kind of card report. With a simple visual editor you can drag-and-drop and customize different widgets such as texts, images, tables, forms, charts…

How should a good card report be?

A good card report must display a student ‘s results and be easy to understand. Also, it must contain all the information about a student’s academic progress.

Student and school information is often placed on the header. After, all the grades specified by subject, with data tables and bar graphs or pie charts. En la cabecera del boletín se suele colocar los datos del alumno y del centro. Después de la cabecera, suelen aparecer todas las calificaciones detalladas por asignaturas, con tablas de datos y gráficos de barras o sectores. Below, it is the place used to introduce some comments or opinions by the teachers.

Can I add my center’s logo?

Sure, you can add images and logos to the reports and card reports.

What are the main items of a card report?

Mostly, the items that always are introduced are: student data, center data, quantitative and qualitative grades, graphs and teachers comments.

How long should a report be?

Academic reports may have as many pages as needed. When you add more widgets to the report, pagination is automatically generated.

Can I use dynamic data?

Yes, you can set dynamic data from the Additio App assessment notebook in every widget. This allows teachers to connect the classroom plan and the data gets automatically linked, no need to introduce them manually.

You can also create personalized fields and static data in each report.

Can I use the same report to different groups?

Yes, once the report template is created, you can use it with different groups of students.

Also, this templates’ system allows you to create customized reports according to educational stages, educational progress… Create as many templates as you wish to and use them with the groups you choose.

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