Passion + Education = 2 profes en apuros
14 de June de 2016

Anna is a dreamer, positive and cheerful and Carlota is a fighter, tenacious and creative. Anna is a teacher of P4 and Carlota teaches kindergarten, primary and English. Both together, they share a passion for education in the 2profesenapuros’ blog, which has got more than 20,000 followers on Facebook in a very short time and an excellent review.



What part of your work as teachers you prefer the most?
Perhaps the best part is the opportunity to be in direct contact with children, to share their way of seeing the world.


What has been the greatest satisfaction that you have had as teachers?

“The greatest satisfaction is to be able to accompany and help children directly, although sometimes you find walls and barriers but it can be in your own hand to collapse them or make possible for the child to be able to jump and skip those walls.”


What trends are perceived in the future of education?
Currently, the fact that the education is now a trend is causing that the whole community become more interested in the education received by the children. This helps new methodologies that prioritize skills development (a real ones) where the student is the protagonist of their own learning are increasingly finding support. We are very hopeful with the times to come, there is no turning back!


Do you consider important to put homework to students?
If a significant learning occurs, homework is not required, in the case that the learning occurred is not significant (rote, without any practical or applicable to any aspect of the child’s life) then yes, it would require further repeating processes so that they are not forgotten.



Do you think technology is important in the classroom?
Each time technology is something more important in the classroom, it has an important role in our lives in general, the important thing is to maintain balance and common sense. The technology should be understood as a tool, not for use it, it will get better results.


How do you imagine the classroom over the next five years behind the technological advances that may occur?
After 5 years, which is not long, it would be great if the technology had a niche as such, the area of programming for example, that need to train and retrain as teachers and go beyond project something on the whiteboard, it is not innovation.



Describe 2profesenapuros in less than 50 words.
2profesenapuros (translated 2 teachers in trouble) is a project that began a year ago with great enthusiasm where we share our experiences, reflections and resources we use in class, some can even be downloaded in the “Downloads” section. We are not perfect, we talk about what goes well and what goes wrong. We have started to do some training for parents and teachers and we have created the first joint agenda for teachers in trouble.


What can expect a teacher or a family when they enter to your blog?

“You can expect to enter to the head and heart of 2 teachers of vocation with many concerns trying to share their experience as teachers with the world with a respectful look towards childhood in general and children in particular.”


2profesenapuros’ blog has become a reference for teachers and families having already received several awards and prizes, what are your next steps?
The truth? We are moving slowly because it costs combine everything that is happening to us with our full time work. We are beginning to ask for more training and this summer will be every Sunday in August with a sensory workshop aimed at early childhood (0-3) in the Piknic Electronik Barcelona. We can say that we are not closed to anything, because we were not looking anything in particular, we like to listen proposals that come to us.


Do you have any anecdotes?
Ufff… hehe It happens everything, parents and teachers ask us for advice and we try to answer with the utmost humility, or more tender requests like children that want to give the agenda to their teachers…

What fills us the most, are also the emails, comments or photos that we get using our resources or activities that have made and shared. This makes all our effort worthwhile.



Do you consider Additio as a key tool for the 2.0 teacher? Why?
Of course! In the team of 2 teachers, one of us is more of writing on paper and the other more 2.0, even so, there are several things that today are much more worth having digitized, it saves us time on paperwork, class lists , etc… In short, the things that every teacher is lazy to do ;)

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