Maríangeles Honrado show us “how to find the motivation and teaching innovation”
2 de August de 2016

“We all have the ability to be #creatives”, this is what Mariángeles Honrado tells us in her blog and social networks. MIDDOS is a place for everyone, where to find motivation and teaching innovation.


What innovations are perceived in the future of education?
To start, education has not undergone major changes over the past 500 years since the invention of printing, although all other professions have a huge turnaround. That leads us to believe that it is necessary to change this paradigm, it is important to start since today build the education of the future, the future is now, and we must begin to take the steps to achieve what we want.

“Education has the power to change the world, whenever a teacher receives in his classroom a group of students, it has power in his hands to influence the development of society, the development of an individual and his skills against the world . ”

It is very important to understand this, and see it as the same commitment to a doctor faced with a patient, to give the best of themselves, of being at the forefront to offer the best in terms of the health of that person.
The technology is present in all aspects of our lives, it is time to incorporate education and definitely end up showing as in other fields, such as can be achieved surprising results.

For all this, as forecast to the future, innovations that can foresee in my opinion, are education online (digital platforms for learning), combination of classroom education with virtual mode, in order to return to those students who are exerting working life, learning the logic of the game (gamification in education) and methodologies will be adapted as the “flipped classroom” (inverted class).

12 errores a la hora de hacer #Flipped Classroom

— MIDDOS (@middos_es) 2 de agosto de 2016


How do you think education will be in 5 years?

In my opinion I summarize it in two roles; the teacher’s role and the role of student.

“The role of the teacher will guide the student. It will be a guide and facilitator. So far, he was the only one that required information, but today is provided with all internet and students can find on the net rather than explained in the classroom.”

Therefore, they will have to show students that have to be critical of the information because not everything they see is right, and that is where the teacher’s role will be to teach opt for sources of reliability.
The role of the student will be the protagonist of their own learning. I think it will enhance more their acquired academic skills and the ability to speak in public and to work together.


Do you think blogs and social networks are a tool for sharing resources among teachers?
Of course, it is a way to produce and share information in a dynamic, participatory and collaborative manner, creating and sharing content, reviewing, sharing and socializing, where “we all learn from everyone.”


Your blog is based on infographics, a much more visual content, do you think that this method is part of your success?
I have always believed that success is one with effort and perseverance, in addition to the personal satisfaction that you do everything possible to become better and better, and this is achieved as I said with effort, perseverance and self confidence, “Knowing you can … and power!”

#educación #motivación Nunca dejemos de aprender y explorar!!!

— MIDDOS (@middos_es) 27 de julio de 2016


We know MIDDOS is in a phase of evolution, with what you will surprise us soon?
Indeed MIDDOS it is in a stage of evolution and, simultaneously, some changes. Currently we are focusing on emotional education, which are being developed images with specific content of this nature.

“As an educator, I think that emotional education should be present in the continuous training of the student throughout his school career and his life, to better meet the challenges of life and provide personal and social welfare.”

Of course, MIDDOS will continue to provide to his followers the educational environment all necessary content collected by great educators as well as their own content, reflected visually in an attractive and dynamic way.
Otherwise, surprise!


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